My story - How I became a prof & hobby pastry chef?

Hello Friends,

I so much thank you for following me, my recipes, and tours I've been making.... :)
Well I haven't said too much information about me in the posts, so I decided to introduce myself a bit! :)

My name is Hajnalka Patak, well actually Patak Hajnalka because in Hungary we write firstly our surname. I'm a young, cheerful, and  engaged girl and, as You might know I LOVE baking, it is my passion.

I started this blog in 2012, October, when I was 20.
I had another blog in Hungarian, mainly about my sweet recipes at Habcsók Birodalom
I full-filled that site, so I started this one, in English, to reach You as well. :D

I started baking when I was little...

Well, I just played baking at that time. :D

I started baking when I was about 11. And bake nearly every week, since then. Like, so...

After high school I went to learn catering and hotel management in University.

Besides the main subjects, I studied cooking there, we learnt from a master chef, about 110 recipes, from tartar beefsteak to roast á la Esterházy. :)
I graduated, and I have my degree certificate as an Economist, specialized in catering and hotel management. :)

Then I started working as a hotel receptionist for a year, which was great, I could communicate with guests from all over the world, but I could not resist my desire to bake more... 
As a receptionist it was hard  to find spared time at home for that, as I worked on the weekends as well.

So, I decided to change my job, and I went to school again, to learn confectionery studies. 

 I started working in a real Confectionery as a trainee, in a famous Cafe-house in Budapest. I learnt many-many confectioner secrets, methods, and recipes. I worked there for half a year.

After that, I got an opportunity to see the pastry department in a 5-star-hotel. I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Then, I finished the school, and succeeded at the final exam, and now the Pastry cook degree is in my hands. :) 

But, I will never stop learning, as this profession needs a life-long-learning process. We can always develop. :)  

Thanks for reading, now You know my background! :) 
Enjoy my baking, and if you like something on the page, you should try it out, I wrote down everything, and I made photos of every steps, so it's easy to follow. 

Have a nice day! :)

xoxo: Hajni

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