Friday, January 23, 2015

4 pastries with 1 dough

Hello Guys! 
Today I will show a fabulous, multifunctional dough, that we can use for dozens of pastries. Both for sweet and salty. 
And what's even better, this is the original recipe that most of the pastry shops use as well. I learnt it in the confectioner school, and the professional name is the"Blundel- dough " 

The pastries that I show here are the mini versions of the original recipes, as I thought these are more edible in small sizes if you are serving them for guests. 

My boyfriend was amazed how quick I could present 4 really different pastries which tasted so good, and they looked nice as well.
 Finally, I could feel proud. :D (You know it's still hard to compete with his mother and grandmother in baking projects... I can thank this to my confectionery studies. :) ) 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Confectionery studies - 12th week

Do You know the little ball or cube shaped, creamy layered little cakes, that are covered with colorful fondant? These are the mignons...
I have two different stories of their history. One of them is due to a famous Hungarian Confectioner of all time, Mr. Kugler invented it, and called them Mignons, as it means My Little Darling in French. Firstly, it was called Kuglers as the inventor, but now they are Mignons.
The other story is coming from France, from Mr. Mignot who placed poems in the middle of the sweet creation, which made it even more expensive.
Nowadays, you can find these in all of the confectioneries in Hungary (without poems) and they cost a little bit less than a cake slice, because of course the size is much smaller.
The funny thing, that you can't really find the recipe of these on the Net, because if you type it in, only the Gru's Minions are coming up. :D 
So let's see what beauties we had created that week...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chestnut Cake

Hi Dears! 
I brought You one of my favorite cake, the one with chestnut purée and whipped cream. The sponge is a brown cocoa sponge cake, which is cut to 3 layers, and filled with this chestnut cream. 
The taste is amazing, the preparation is easy, so I can only recommend this recipe. :)
I was playing with the decoration, I hope I didn't overdo it. :D
 I decorated it with chestnut hearts, which have a circle of chocolate on them, and I draw chocolate pastilles on it, with a twist of the other cake, the Eszterházy's style
Let's see the preparation...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Confectionery studies - 10th week

Hi Dears!
I haven't posted of the last 5 weeks of my studies, as this period was so busy with all the Holidays, exams and working in the Café.

But now I will show you the details, because these courses were really exciting, and I learnt many many tasty desserts.

This is the second post about cakes. We learnt 7 different cakes that day. (I haven't got the chance to make a photo of the 7th, as it was quickly cut and we ate it... :) ) 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Apple Pie with walnut

Happy New Year! 
Any plans for the future?

I only had one vow for this year... I will do more sport activities! :D
I am lucky to gain only just a few weight while I'm baking and obviously eating a lots of cookies, cakes, pies... etc.
But anyway, I can see on myself the result.
A year ago I was quite sporty, as I did aerobics every week (even twice a week). Then I started working full time, and I was much more tired than at school. 
But this year, I will keep this vow. I even started with a full aerobic program, and my thighs are killing me now. :D 
But no worries, I won't start a diet, I will keep on baking. :D

Like this apple pie got so many praises from my family, then I have to share it with You the recipe. The base recipe was the original apple pie from my confectionery book. I only changed it at the decoration part.