Thursday, August 28, 2014

3 cakes with one sponge

Hello Dears! 
I hope You enjoyed the summer, to finish it nicely I brought not just one, but 3 cakes for You! :)

As for us, we had our late-summer vacation last week, for 4 days.
It was short but we filled it with very-many adventures. :) 
It rained for two days, but we still could go sight-seeing, and to bathhouses, and we even took a little fairy train ride in the forest, so it was super joyful.

When we arrived back home, a birthday party was ahead of us, with 3 birthdays to celebrate, so I jumped in a baking project again.
As we hold it as a pic-nic party in the Margaret-island, I tried to prepare them to be easily take-aways
I used one main mixture, and as a last touch I flavored them differently. :) 
Let's see how...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home-made muesli bars

Hello! :)
As September is coming, oh it's so sad to even think about it...
So, school is coming again. Even for me, although I got my diploma in March.
But, I am starting a 1 year course to become a prof. pastry chef, hurray! :D
And for the school-/ or workdays we need some fast breakfast ideas.
 This muesli is like that.
 You can prepare it the previous evening in about 30 minutes, and the fast breakfast take-away is ready. :) 

I was inspired by this recipe, although I changed the elements for those I had at home. You can add honey, cinnamon, apple pieces, raisins, and so many options you have to flavor the basic recipe... 
I'm sure you can prepare your favorite.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Salty sticks and biscuits

Hey Guys! 
I am obsessed with my new cookie-cutter stampers that I ordered through ebay...
I have a collection now, like I have cat molds, Marie cat face from Disney, animal molds, Easter set, flower set, and now I tried my fruit and summer collection that just arrived. 
I made a super easy, comfort food, You can call them snacks as well. The main taste is salty, but they are enhanced with cumin, that I love in snacks. :)