Monday, January 20, 2014

Hajnalka Creamy Cake

Hey Guys! :)
I hope You all right. I'm happy to post this cake recipe with You today! 
I wasn't posting for a while... I was preparing for my biggest exam in my life. It will be in a week.
 Cross fingers for me please! It will be my diploma exam! :) 

So what about this cake?
This was the most delicious cake that I've ever invented!!! We had it for Christmas, but somehow I forgot my little note on this, and now I found it! :D 
It has so many great ingredients in it, that I couldn't find a suitable name for it. Could be chocolate liquor creamy cake, but it has nut cream and jam as well, and coconut on the top, so it was hard to find a name for this marvelous piece of Heaven... 

So, not to be too selfish, but as the most famous cakes of Hungary are named of their inventors, (like Dobos, Gundel, Rákóczi...) I named it after me. :D 

Please enjoy the "Hajnalka Creamy Cake" , and bake it, if You would like to feel to be in Heaven   for about 3 seconds, till You eat the piece. :D

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The most ... recipes in 2013

Hi Dears! :) 
What do You think of evaluating years? 
I usually don't do things like that, but since I'm reading the new Bridget Jones -Christmas present from my Mom, thank You ♥- she does this every single day, and of course at the end of the year, she does a big summery. So let's see mine: 

For me 2013 was eventful.:
  • finished last semester in University
  • managed to participate in a 6-month-long trainee program in a 5-star-hotel
  • wrote my diploma work
  • moved in with my boyfriend♥
  • had a holiday in Lake Balaton
  • attended in a wedding celebration (first in my life)
  • baked many-many sweets and goodies
  • wrote this blog (greatest hobby, ever! :D )
So what about the blog's summery? I collected 13 different "MOST-ies",
/ if I can create a word like that :D / 
that You liked, or I liked, or even the most unsuccessful baking project is listed! :D Come and check them!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Chocolate Creamy Cake

Happy New Year Dears! :)
I hope You had a memorable Christmas, with tasty goodies and cookies. :) 
Now, as we are over the celebrations, and the big eating-parties, I started to work out. Haha... :D That's always my solution for the little extra weight I get during December. I can't do a diet... How can someone resist all these cakes ? 
I think sport is enough to have a good shape. :) 

So let's talk about this cake. I baked this for my last day at work, because I finished my trainee program. :) I was a receptionist  at Marriott from July, so it was a great half-year duty. It was interesting and fun, sometimes tiring, and complicated, but it was worth it. It gave me enough experience to get to know the hotel industry. Now I have to prepare for my diploma exam. 
Please think and cheer for me at the end of the month! :D  And what shall I do after?
Let's see it then... :D
This cake was chocolaty, and inside it had 2 kinds of creams, one was pudding-like, the other was with self-made chocolate-liquor. :) Yum. 
On the top and the bottom, there are two kinds of sponges.