Sunday, January 5, 2014

The most ... recipes in 2013

Hi Dears! :) 
What do You think of evaluating years? 
I usually don't do things like that, but since I'm reading the new Bridget Jones -Christmas present from my Mom, thank You ♥- she does this every single day, and of course at the end of the year, she does a big summery. So let's see mine: 

For me 2013 was eventful.:
  • finished last semester in University
  • managed to participate in a 6-month-long trainee program in a 5-star-hotel
  • wrote my diploma work
  • moved in with my boyfriend♥
  • had a holiday in Lake Balaton
  • attended in a wedding celebration (first in my life)
  • baked many-many sweets and goodies
  • wrote this blog (greatest hobby, ever! :D )
So what about the blog's summery? I collected 13 different "MOST-ies",
/ if I can create a word like that :D / 
that You liked, or I liked, or even the most unsuccessful baking project is listed! :D Come and check them!
1. The most popular recipe ever & most popular salty recipe: 

Pogácsa - real Hungarian scones

2. The most viewed fruity sweet: 

Strawberry Cream

3. The most popular sweet without baking:

Cottage Cheese and Biscuit Balls

4. The 'queen' of the cake recipes:

Vargabéles - Hungarian sweet noodle cake with curd cheese

5. The most popular drink:

6. The most seen cookie:

Chocolate Croissant

7. The recipe with the most received comments:

8. The recipe with the most collected 'likes':

Chocolate Coconut Balls Cake

9. The most viewed main course recipe:

10. The most unsuccessful baking project:

11. My first ever cake with fondant on the top:

Mole-hill cake with fondant

12. My favorite creation:

13. The sweet with the funniest making method:  

Thank You for reading Hungarian Food Guide in 2013, I hoped You liked this collection, and hope we will have an even better year in 2014! :)

xoxo: Hajni 

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