Friday, February 28, 2014

CheeseCake with Greengage jam

Hi! :) 
Spring is nearly here, Yay! :D 
I like the beautiful colors and the fragrances of spring, that's why I made something as sparkling and colorful as the season will be. (Hopefully soon :))

So, about this cake. This is my first ever Cheese Cake, in the mean of the American Cheese Cake.

 I realised that there are some very differences in the dairy products in the two countries: there are no cream cheeses here in Hungary than in the US that they usually use for this. (If we do have, it must be in just a few and rare stores) However, it's hard to explain what we got instead. We have for example 'túró', which I usually call cottage cheese/curd/or quark. 
But it's not the same, just similar.
Or we have "tejföl", which I call sour cream/cream fraiche, but we use these English words to explain more products in the same time, however these are different, and  has more words for them in Hungarian. Like "tejszín" is a different product, and possibly it is like heavy sour cream... ? 

So, back to the cake, to create the American type of cheese, I used cottage cheese (túró) with plain cream cheese

And to decorate the top I used my self-made jam, that I made in the summer. :D

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hortobágyi pancake

I hope You are having a fabulous weekend. :) So did I.
Let me suggest a good reading activity:
 I've recently started the new Bridget Jones...
*spoiler alert* 
But not actually, as it was all written in the reviews that she became a widow.. Which I didn't like at all, but the book is hilarious, and as we should expect: funny. :) 
The other thing I did,  was looking for jobs, as You might have seen it on twitter, where I started the #100happydays challenge. Well, nearly, I couldn't post every day, but I'm trying. :) 
I posted about this deliciousness as well, I cooked it for my love for Valentine's
It was super tasty, as it regularly is. It's one of my specialities. Besides, it's one of the most well known dish of Hungary
You should definitely try it! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heart shaped cookies for Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Darling! ♥
I know it will be tomorrow, but if You like giving hand-made presents for Your special one, then, You already in Valentine's mood. :)
Like me. I made these cute cookies. And as a surprise for You, I filmed the decoration part. (my favourite) :D 
I hope You like them, and if You would like to, You can bake them in about 30 minutes + give an other half an hour for the decoration tomorrow. :)

For more Valentine dessert idea, You can check on Pinterest (click)
 - I collected a bunch of them! :) 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Banana smoothie

Hi! :)
These days I fell in love with Banana smoothies!
 I already have 2 favorites. This is one of them.
(Of course the other is coming as well.)
So, as I found a little extra weight on myself , I try to avoid that much of sugar, that I used to eat... You know, one always has to taste their baked creations... 
And summer is coming, everybody wants to be in great shape. 
Therefore, this smoothie doesn't contain any sugar!!! 
But, it's definitely sweet, so it's a good thing! :D

I recommend these for breakfast, and for those occasions, when You would serve something tasty for Your friends, and You only have about 3 minutes to do so. :) With these You can't be wrong. 

And, I'd like to announce, that I will continue to share videos on Youtube. :)   
I hope You will like them... xo: Hajni

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cheesy puffs

Hey, hello Everyone! :)
How are You doing this Sunday? 
I was planning to have a nice walk in downtown, but it's so gloomy outside... 
So instead, we can still bake something good. :) 

Like Valentine's Day is coming, so on our FB page I share dessert ideas every day untill the 14th! :) 

Or, if You are on a diet, or just fed up with sweets. (Can it be possible? :D) Here's a cheesy, salty little baked bite for You to pamper Yourself and Your family.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cheesy snail crackers

Hello Guys! 
I hope everything is fine there! :) 
I have big news!!! So, first of all -- as You might have seen it on our Fb page -- I passed successfully my biggest exam ever - and graduation is coming! :D
 So I've become an Economist, specialized in catering and hotel management. 
I am so happy. :) And my thesis was so powerful, that I just got an invitation from another 5-star-hotel to participate in a cooking class, as a blogger! 
One of my class mate suggested me after hearing my diploma work about gastro-blogs. 

But for now, I'm looking for suitable jobs for me. It's always an exciting time, deciding what to do in the future. Where to go? 
And then apply and wait for the responses... Just exciting! :) 

Also, I have great ideas about developing this site. You will see how. :) 

And of course I bake quite a lot, and I have a lot of recipes to share, like this Cheesy Snail cracker. As I see in Your countries You usually call these something "rolls" but here we always call these rolled eatable foods "snails". However, the actual snail is not common here as a dish. And honestly, I would never try it. :) Have You eaten a real one? :)