Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gingy house project

Hi Dears,

So, I baked Gingerbread the first time of this year.
I know it is not even winter, yet, and You don't want to hear about Xmas yet, (do You?), but I have a deadline for baking a gingerbread house for the Advent season.

We will have a Gingy town, a complete town from gingerbread houses, in a big shopping mall in the centre of Budapest (in the Bálna from December 6). So, I participated in this event, and I have to give this house to the city, so all the children, families , and any passers-by can see our creations in one beautiful gingy town.
I am so excited to see my little house in a complete mini-town.

I brought You some pictures about the preparation, and of course I baked "normal" gingies as well. :D

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Toffifee Cake

Hi Dears!
I hope You are not sick, like me, now. I'm just sitting here with my headache and flue, sipping hot tea, and a thought just came to me, to post this recipe to You.
A good cake can be a medicine, right?

I baked this cake twice, two days after each other.
Both were birthday cakes for my fiancé. One for his colleagues (Such a good employee, I think working with him can be great, he even brings the cake for his own birthday :D ) 
And they liked it sooo much, that he wanted the same cake for the family celebration.
First, I was just experiencing, but for the second I baked it consciously, and the result was even better.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hey, I became a pastry cook! A confectioner!

Hello Guys! :)
Finally my confectioner school ended, I passed the final baking exam, and now I have my pastry cook degree in my hands! :D

In this post I am writing about the exam, which was nearly 10 hours long. 
We knew that it would be a tough day, and it really was...