Me in the press

Guess what? I've been selected sometimes to be in a recipe magazine. So, yes, I've been printed a few times, Hurray! :D 

(I was in a local press, too when I finished primary school with excellent marks, and they collected the best students, but that had nothing to do with baking...)

So here are the articles with my recipes:

I've been in 'RECEPTTÁR' magazine (translation: recipe collection)  most of the times where every month a jury chooses the recipes, from the readers', which have been sent previously for a website...,  then I was once in another, called Könnyű gyors receptek magazine,  once in the 'Küldd el a recepted' reader's recipes magazine, and once on the Hungarian biggest recipe sharing site, I have been chosen the cook of the week. 

1. First time, my Pea stew noodles recipe was selected in. (I will translate these recipes, and share with You, too in some time)

2. Second time, my  Onion -pasta salad with mustard seed and radish appeared in printed version.

 3. Then, I made a cute bowl, for a food and design competition. I haven't won anything there, because the jury wanted non-figurative dishes, as it turned out, but then I sent this to that magazine, who loved it, and placed it in the 'for children' column. I was really happy. :)

It represents a lake, with a water lily (carrot and beetroot salad), near that the coast, with coastal rocks (roasted chicken breasts with mustard sauce) and little ducks (from pancake filled with curd cream)

4. For the 4th time, one of my desert recipe was selected in, a rice pudding made with raspberry syrup, and served with jam.

5. This march, my Triple Chocolate Cookies were in this magazine. I can proudly announce, that I have translated this one already to you, so You can read it here

For the 6th time, my Stuffed Golden Apples recipe was selected in, that You can actually read in English too here

The 7th time, my Magicwand recipe was selected. They are Onion grissinis. I will translate the recipes soon. 

8. My Big Field Checkerboard Cake also was printed in the magazine. :) I baked it for my Brother's and my birthdays. We always celebrate them together, because they are so close to each other. This way I bake my cake as well. :) 

For the 9th time, my Coffee liquor recipe was in the magazine. It was made with vodka for the basis , and flavored with coffee, vanilla sugar, cinnamon, and clove. So it has a special Christmas touch. Recipe coming soon in English as well. :) In 2014 it appeared again in December. :D Funny, so this was the 15th time as well.

Fot the 10th time I made it to appear on the front! :D My recipe was the Harry Potter muffins (You know, from the II. part,the ones Crack ate when he was getting sleeping poison.) 
Next time, the 11th my Big Sandwich recipe was printed in the press, in the same magazine called Receptár. :) Recipe is here.

The 12th time I appeared in another magazine, called Könnyű gyors receptek.  (fast and easy recipes) with my Happy Pudding Brownie. :) 

The 13th time my recipe appeared in a 3rd magazine, called 'Küldd be a recepted magazine' (reader's recipes also), and it was my Pear Pie.

For the 14th time, My Plum Pie recipe appeared in the Recepttár magazine. It was really a fine recipe, and I made it with our own plums from the garden, so it was super home-made. : )
For the 15th time it was Coffee liquor as well, as I mentioned before, and for the 16th time, my Coffee Creamy cake appeared in February, 2015 in the same recipe magazin. It's a foamy creamy cake, made with egg white foam, mixed with vanilla pudding which is flavoured with strong coffee. The sponge is cocoa sponge cake, and the decoration is sprinkled cocoa powder. 

For the 16th time,  I have been selected as the chosen cook of the week on the biggest Hungarian recipe sharing site - at! Yay! A whole article is about me, with my cakes...