Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bounty Cookie

Hi Dears! :)
Do You have a plan for the summer? I know You will work, we all do, but any plans for a vacation? 
This Bounty cookie reminds me of summertime, as Coconut, palm-trees grow in Mediterranean areas, just where people usually go for a summer vacation.   
I always wanted to go far away, to a hidden spot, preferably near a lake, surrounded by hills or mountains. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Chocolate Rolls

Hi Dears! :) 
Google informed me that the Rubic cube has its 40th birthday! 
Did You know that it was a Hungarian invention? Ernő Rubik was the founder of the 6 color-27 cubed cube. I read that the recorder player has the time of 5,55 seconds to complete the course. Amazing, I could never do the whole cube! :D Can You?
Today I brought You a sweet pastry, that is a very popular breakfast & snack here in Hungary, chocolate rolls. We usually call them "Kakaós csiga" , which means Cocoa snails.
 Here, all the rolled pastries are called "snails", so don't be afraid if You see something like these in the pastry-shops. They are only referred  to their shapes. :) 
Besides the recipe I brought a personal life-milestone! :) 

I got engaged! :D 
Actually, it happened in the end of March, and now it can be officially announced to everyone, as we told it to all of our families in real life.
We took a photo-shoot as well, I will post some of them here, under the recipe... 
We are together with my love for 4,5 years, our love started in high school , and remained. We will wait a few years with the wedding, so I will have time to prepare all the details of that. :D But all your wedding dress and cake ideas are welcomed, You can always post them on our FB site. :D 
I made this cake, (which I've already posted, Do You remember?) for our Engagement celebration, it was really good. :)

But now, let's see the chocolate rolls recipe and some engagement photos of us. :)  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pear Pie

Hi Dears! 
Have You seen the Eurovision song contest last Saturday?  
What do You think about Miss Conchita's winning? I was amazed how her voice was so feminine, although I probably won't listen her song. The song wasn't so remarkable for me. Of course I really wanted Hungary to have a great place in the top ten, which by the way we had reached! :)
 "Running"  became to be the 5th, Yay! :D

So, I brought You  a Pie, today! Pear Pie with white and dark chocolate on the top. It was sweet, moist and fruity, You need this! ;)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Coconut Brownie

Hi Dears! 
How are You? I hope You are all fine. :)
On my part, I'm kind of busy all the time and my legs are killing me... 
Have I told You that I have a new job? Well old-new job, I'm a receptionist again! Yay! :D Only problem is that I need to be fit again, to be able to stand 8-9 hours behind the desk. So be fit, and bake cakes for the family the same time! Now that's not easy to do so! :D
Anyway, I brought You a nice Coconut Brownie, easy, and tasty!
 Just mix everything and put it to the oven! :D
Check the recipe.:

Friday, May 2, 2014

Orange Muffin

Hi Dears! :)
Happy May to You!
Do You have any special customs for this month? 
We have a holiday on the 1st of May, the Day of the Work.
 /Some traditions we did not delete from the communist times/ 
There used to be a happy festival on the main streets/avenues, where all the big companies represented themselves with their workers, and their families. Music, songs, May Day, cheering for the presidents, plus sausages & beer were the main characteristics of this day, until the 80'-90-es. 
Nowadays we have a day off from work, have a May-day picnic, and we are with our families. Some gentlemen prepare a May tree for their loved ones. 
(You know a high tree with colorful ribbons) We used to make that in primary school. :) 


So me as well, I visited my lovely family, therefor, I baked muffins.
These orange muffins, and some chocolate chip muffins for those who prefer non-fruity cakes. :D