Thursday, November 19, 2015

Toffifee Cake

Hi Dears!
I hope You are not sick, like me, now. I'm just sitting here with my headache and flue, sipping hot tea, and a thought just came to me, to post this recipe to You.
A good cake can be a medicine, right?

I baked this cake twice, two days after each other.
Both were birthday cakes for my fiancé. One for his colleagues (Such a good employee, I think working with him can be great, he even brings the cake for his own birthday :D ) 
And they liked it sooo much, that he wanted the same cake for the family celebration.
First, I was just experiencing, but for the second I baked it consciously, and the result was even better.

for the sponge cake:
6 eggs (egg whites and yolks separately)
10 g of vanilla sugar
140 g of sugar
150 g of flower
25 g of cocoa powder

for the caramel cream:
100 g of sugar
300 ml of whipped cream
10 g of gelatine

for the chocolate cream:
100 g of dark chocolate
200 ml of whipped cream
300 ml of milk
1 package of instant pudding powder 
4 tbsp of sugar

+ hazelnut (grounded)  or peanuts

for the glaze:
150 g sugar
4-5 tbsp of margarine/butter


1. Beat the eggs, whisk the egg whites until hard with a tbsp of sugar.
2. Whisk the egg yolks with the rest of the sugar until fluffy.
3. Sift the half of the flour in the egg yolk mixture.
4. Stir the egg foam gently into the mixture, and sift the other half of the flour and the cocoa into the mixture.
5. Pour it into a papered baking mold, and bake it for about 35-40 minutes on 180 degree C.

6. Cover a bowl with Aluminium foil. 
7. Cut the upper part of the sponge cake, and place it on the bottom of the bowl.

8. Cut the side part of the sponge, like in the picture, and place it as well on the side of the bowl.

9. Caramelize the sugar, and gently add 2 tbsp of whipped cream to it.

10. Whip the rest of the whipped cream.
11. Add a little water to the gelatine, and after some minutes put it on heat. (but don't boil it)
12. Gently stir the caramel and the gelatine into the whipped cream.

13. Pour this cream onto the sponge cake.

14. Cut the rest of the sponge into two parts.
15. Place one onto the caramel cream.
16. For the chocolate cream melt the chocolate with the whipped cream. Whisk the milk with the instant pudding powder with the sugar, then when the chocolate cream cooled stir the two creams together.
17. Pour the half of it on the sponge, then sprinkle it with ground hazelnut, then cover it with the other half of the cream.

18. Cover the whole cake with the last part of the sponge cake.

19. Put the cake into fridge for a night. (but at least for 3 hours)
20. Then make the glaze. Caramelize sugar, then gently add some tbsp-s of margarine to it.

21. Unwrap the cake, and cover it with the glaze. I made a mini-video of it, as I love watching how the glaze flows down.... :) 

22. I put a real toffifee on top.

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  1. Dear Hajnakka, What size baking mold do you use for the sponge cake?