Saturday, October 13, 2018

Carrot cake 2

Hi Dears,

I brought today another carrot cake recipe, I recently baked it for one of my colleague's farewell party. It's a little bit different from my first one. 
(If you wish to compare, click here.) 

You have might realized that I stopped posting recipes here this year, the reason is that I am quite busy to try out and make experiments with new recipes. I do bake regularly, but I tend to bake my favorite recipes over and over with only slight changes. 
The reason of my business, is that I have started another school, this time I study graphic design, where I can develop my artistic skills. :) 
You can view my continuously growing art portfolio here: 

Also, I have found a new hobby, while I am taking care of a lovely dwarf hamster. I started making  short videos of him, with gentle music in the background. The aim is to create something cute, funny, calming and safe for children to watch. 
If you wish to check them click: Hamster Tales
Now let's get back to the cake...

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Baking our wedding cake ♥

Hello Friends! 
The most beautiful day in my life (so far) was in June, we got married with the love of my life.
I was so excited, I wanted to do nearly everything by myself, the decor, the organizing, and yes... The cake! Now I wouldn't suggest it to any brides to bake their own wedding cake, as the days before the big day are already stressful enough, but it was so nice that I could tell to our guests, that I BAKED IT
The cake itself was a 4 layered cake, each layer with different tastes. And I baked a separate gluten-free cake, about 50 muffins for the dessert table and 160 heart shaped gingerbread as Thank you gifts.
Yes, I know, I am weird to do all this, but I loved baking them. The most stressful part of this was the way to the venue, as we had to deliver all this with our car, with the rest of the decoration and wedding dress. Fortunately, we could divide all these in two cars. 
So, In this post I will show you more details how I baked this huge cake, and the rest of the sweets. (And some insight into our wedding)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Baking Gru's house with Minions

Hey! I wish you a Very Happy New Year

I hope you had wonderful Holidays, and if you baked like me the whole time, 
I think we all wish to have a good rest now. :) 

OMG last year it was a really busy season for me, (you could guess, that is why I haven't been posting lately) I changed my workplace, and I have a financial office job again, so baking got back to my hobby again... 

But I still bake a lot, like every weekend, I even took some photos of them, just I missed to upload them, sorry. However, you can follow some of them on our Facebook page. ;) 

I baked a lot for Christmas, too, lots of cookies, islers, linzers, gingerbread and yes... A Gingerbread house. A really special one, I baked Gru's house! :D

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Testing post - Knife challenge

Hi Dears, 
I got a super exciting request to test and review honestly a hand-made professional knife.
 I got the chance to use this knife for some weeks to be able to provide my opinion on it. 
I accepted, as I was curious, and it didn't need too much effort on my side, as I cook every weekend, anyway. I tried as many things to cut as I could in the past three weeks.
(It is not a sponsored post, I highlight it again, these will be my honest lines. :) ) 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wedding season started

Hi Dears, 
Summer just started, that means we can go on our holidays soon, but also that means that the WEDDING Season started, too. :)
There is a time in everybody's life when wedding means a lot to us, especially when we are having our own.

As I started to plan our own wedding, I realised that I know too little about weddings. I had an idea in my had, how I imagined my perfect wedding, me and my fiancé happily say yes to each other somewhere in the nature. 
But organising it to be perfect is a much more difficult job.

So, I decided to study wedding planning. :) Soon I will have my degree on it, who knows, besides mine, I will be able to plan other's special big day, too. :D
Ours will be next year if everything goes well, but this year one of my best friends had her wedding. 

It was her idea, to make bon-bons for the guests as a thank you gift. Of course I helped her make them :)
+ The same week one of my high school teacher, who I really liked, asked me to bake a wedding cake for her daughter. I was so afraid of it, as it was my first time to bake such an important cake :) Would I succeed? Will they like it? But she trusted me, and the cake was only 20 pieces so I accepted the challenge, and baked it.
They asked a carrot cake with white icing on top, no marzipan or fondant, and to decorate the top with the icing itself, modestly, and to have a note Mazel tov.
I enjoyed baking and decorating it, as they allowed me to go on my taste, I didn't have to follow any other guidelines. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Carrot Cake for Easter

Hi Dears, 

As Easter is coming I brought you a tasty Carrot cake with marzipan decorations (carrots and a little bunny)

Follow the recipe below, and bake it for your family! :D 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Punch Cake

Hey Guys! :)
Happy New Year, to all of You!
I will continue baking this year, too, so I hope you will stay with me, so we can share more recipes and goodies with each other.

Today I brought a Punch Cake, do you have another name for it? I don't know, if it is right, it refers to the punch drink with rum, not the punching movement. Like I would cry if somebody would use my cake to punch in the face....

I baked this cake for one of my favourite teachers who requested it to her family. I am so glad they liked it, if it wasn't the case I wouldn't post it now. :D
I even made a video of the decorating part! Watch it! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gingy house project

Hi Dears,

So, I baked Gingerbread the first time of this year.
I know it is not even winter, yet, and You don't want to hear about Xmas yet, (do You?), but I have a deadline for baking a gingerbread house for the Advent season.

We will have a Gingy town, a complete town from gingerbread houses, in a big shopping mall in the centre of Budapest (in the Bálna from December 6). So, I participated in this event, and I have to give this house to the city, so all the children, families , and any passers-by can see our creations in one beautiful gingy town.
I am so excited to see my little house in a complete mini-town.

I brought You some pictures about the preparation, and of course I baked "normal" gingies as well. :D

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Toffifee Cake

Hi Dears!
I hope You are not sick, like me, now. I'm just sitting here with my headache and flue, sipping hot tea, and a thought just came to me, to post this recipe to You.
A good cake can be a medicine, right?

I baked this cake twice, two days after each other.
Both were birthday cakes for my fiancé. One for his colleagues (Such a good employee, I think working with him can be great, he even brings the cake for his own birthday :D ) 
And they liked it sooo much, that he wanted the same cake for the family celebration.
First, I was just experiencing, but for the second I baked it consciously, and the result was even better.