Thursday, October 19, 2017

Baking our wedding cake ♥

Hello Friends! 
The most beautiful day in my life (so far) was in June, we got married with the love of my life.
I was so excited, I wanted to do nearly everything by myself, the decor, the organizing, and yes... The cake! Now I wouldn't suggest it to any brides to bake their own wedding cake, as the days before the big day are already stressful enough, but it was so nice that I could tell to our guests, that I BAKED IT
The cake itself was a 4 layered cake, each layer with different tastes. And I baked a separate gluten-free cake, about 50 muffins for the dessert table and 160 heart shaped gingerbread as Thank you gifts.
Yes, I know, I am weird to do all this, but I loved baking them. The most stressful part of this was the way to the venue, as we had to deliver all this with our car, with the rest of the decoration and wedding dress. Fortunately, we could divide all these in two cars. 
So, In this post I will show you more details how I baked this huge cake, and the rest of the sweets. (And some insight into our wedding)

So, let me introduce the cake.

I baked the bottom part first. I baked two rectangle shaped cocoa sponges.

 I cut them in half, and filled them with apricot jam. 

Then on one of the sponges I spread chocolate cream, I let it freeze in the freezer, then put the other cocoa sponge on the top. This way the chocolate cakes had two layers of jam, and one big layer of chocolate cream inside.

Then I covered it with sugary margarine and covered it with marzipan. 

The next layer was a cappuccino cake. I baked a zebra-sponge. 

I cut it in 3, and filled with cappuccino cream, and vanilla cream.

 I sprinkled the vanilla cream with little chocolate balls.

I also covered it with marzipan. 

The next layer was a sour cherry cake. I baked a vanilla sponge and filled it with cherry cream with real cherries. Unfortunately, I didn't make any pictures of it.

The top layer was a walnut cake. I baked a sponge with cinnamon and walnut in it, and filled it with vanilla cream, which was mixed with walnut. Then I covered them all with marzipan.

I placed the four layers on each other without any cake holders. I decorated it with marzipan flowers. I created edible flower roses and also I sculptured ourselves in little figures from flower paste that I placed on the cake only when we arrived at the venue.

Let me show you some pictures of the gingerbread and the muffins as well. :) 
I baked heart-shaped gingerbread, and most of them I decorated them as bird-couples. 

The rest I decorated with flowers. 

 Then I placed two gingies in a little bag, and I sticked a little Thank you sticker on them. 

I placed one bag on each guests' plate.

I also baked muffins. Vanilla muffins with cherries, and chocolate muffins. 

And let me show some pictures of the decor, that was also my project:

I painted a guest-book kind of picture with a tree and with our cartoon characters in the middle. The guests could sign the leaves and flowers with textile pens

The ducks were my husband's idea. He insisted. :D 

Thank you for reading this post so far. Here, I let you see some really beautiful pictures of us, my favorites. :)  It was the best day of our lives! ♥

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