Sunday, December 22, 2019

Pastry shop gingerbread house

Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a nice year in 2019, mine was quite eventful, I didn't have time to bake a lot, or explore new recipes as I was studying graphic design besides working, and doing my driving license. :) 

But for Christmas, I can not resist, I am baking a LOT! :D

I started of course with gingerbread cookies, and my tradition to bake a gingerbread house for Hungary's biggest gingerbread village in Budapest. It is a free exchibition, held in the Bálna shopping mall, and volunteers like me bake the houses. Each year it is getting bigger, many families bake, and besides the adorable houses, famous and creative buildings are built as well, like the Big Ben, our Chain Bridge, Star Wars space ships, or in 2016 I baked the Gru's house. (Check previous years' review posts here) It will be open in January untill the end of February.

So, this year I baked a pastry shop with many happy customers. :) 

The recipe was the same I used in all of my previous gingerbread cookies recipes.
Let's see the steps, and the final photos below!

Now this was my new idea, I used tooth picks for more stability for the roof. I let them stick to the icing, then I added more icing and "glued" the roof on top.

This way, you actually can skip adding the roof, as it looks great.

I saw a picture in Pinterest, where they used Cini-minis as roof tiles, I loved it, so I tried it.

Then I created the garden, the fence is salty percels. The umbrellas are paper umbrellas usually used for cocktails.

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