Saturday, June 25, 2016

Testing post - Knife challenge

Hi Dears, 
I got a super exciting request to test and review honestly a hand-made professional knife.
 I got the chance to use this knife for some weeks to be able to provide my opinion on it. 
I accepted, as I was curious, and it didn't need too much effort on my side, as I cook every weekend, anyway. I tried as many things to cut as I could in the past three weeks.
(It is not a sponsored post, I highlight it again, these will be my honest lines. :) ) 

OK, so let's start from the beginning... :) 

A Hungarian artisan knife making company, Cerberus Cutlery contacted me if I would like to review their new premium knife. When I accepted, they asked me about my gloves size.  (Wow! I thought, they do take it seriously.)

That was the first sign for me that this knife should be really special if they want to adjust it to my small hands. 
By the way, it is a really great thought  as most of the chefs are men with strong physique to be able to carry 50 kg of trays, cauldron, etc... with hands 6 times bigger than mine. As I later was told they always started with this, as each and every knife was made specially  to its owner, one by one, carefully  in every detail.

The second sign that this knife is special was the way the gentleman carried it to me. The knife has it's safe deposit box with keys. I guess they do take care of its safety and really it has much bigger value than any of my regular chef knives.

The third sign was the knife itself. Its grip was so beautiful. It turned out that the gentleman who delivered the knife, Peter Pók made it himself, carved it to my size. Wow, it can be a hard work, I felt the special care I think everybody would appreciate. 

So these were my first thoughts on the knife's appearance, I was excited to test it as well.

I was thinking if I should complete any strange cutting challenges, does it cut this or that the way I think it would? Then I decided to use it normally, as I would use any other chef knives. But to see and feel the difference I cut the things first with this knife, than with my regular chef knives. 

I got quite a few now, I got some of them as gift from my family. I even have more that are not in the picture. (A knife is always useful, right? :D )  I have an old buddy, that was my very first chef knife I had to buy it for the cooking lessons in the University. They requested the knife blade to reach at least 20 cm! Usually this is my go-to-chef-knife when I am cooking. This is the one next to the premium knife. 

I had the chance to cook 3 weekend lunch and some dinners with the new knife. I really like chef knives, they are so useful, if you have a good chef knife, you don't need any more knives, in any types. The most important is that it should be well-sharpened, it is the safest, also!

So back to the knife, here comes my review.

My first experience with the knife was with a tomato mozzarella salad.
The tomato part was easy-peasy, I could cut it effortlessly with both knives. 
I was more curious on the salad part.
I realized that the premium knife is heavier  than my old buddy.
With my old chef knife I had to push it hard to cut through.
With the premium knife I didn't have to, as the knife itself was heavy enough to cut through the salad, although it was heavy to lift up.

The grip was comfier than my old knife's. 

I cut other vegetables then for a soup.

When cutting the carrot it was also easier with the premium knife, thanks to its weight. 

With the kohlrabi both knives worked perfectly. 

I diced the celery. The chefs dice a lot during their work, it is important that they could dice fast, usually with the bottom part of the blade, so the knife should satisfy this need. This worked perfectly. I even enjoyed it, I nearly ground it. 
Same happened with the onion. 
I would give 10 points to premium knife and 9 to mine. I love mine, but somehow it was easier with this one.
With the potato the knife cut it itself, I only had to hold it in my hands.

I cut meat too, just I didn't take a photo. It worked well.

I can happily recommend the premium knife to every chefs and to everyone who cooks in any kitchen. It is practical, comfortable to hold, cuts like magic. 

As I am a pastry cook I was thinking if a confectioner could use it?
We rarely cut  vegetables or meat. :D Sometimes fruits, like apple for a tart.
We have our own Excalibur as the chefs have their chef knives ,that they carry everywhere with themselves, we have our spatulas that are our very own. We feel uncomfy if we use another spatula, and we are less confident. 

But this premium knife with its weight would be a great alternative of the Hungarian "Dobos" knife.  It is a knife that all the confectioneries have here in Hungary just for a special cake, to cut the Dobos torte's top caramelized layer.
It is a heavy big knife that should be greased with butter each time we cut in the caramelized layer. It wouldn't stuck in the heavy caramel, as its own weight and our quick push would cut the layer quickly. 

The other time we use knife is when we slice the cakes. 
The cakes are sliced when the cakes are frozen. That is the way we can reach the perfect triangle shaped slices. (Here is a small video on how we slice them) I think this knife would also be great for slicing smaller cakes. For 8-10-12 pieces. For the regular 16 or 20 pieces we need longer blades. 

All in all, I enjoyed using the premium knife, if you are thinking about buying a new chef knife it would be a great choice. 
If you are interested in the company Cerberus Cutlery  you can reach them here.

Have a wonderful weekend, and visit me again as I will bring some more wedding sweets soon! :) 

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