Friday, January 16, 2015

Confectionery studies - 10th week

Hi Dears!
I haven't posted of the last 5 weeks of my studies, as this period was so busy with all the Holidays, exams and working in the Café.

But now I will show you the details, because these courses were really exciting, and I learnt many many tasty desserts.

This is the second post about cakes. We learnt 7 different cakes that day. (I haven't got the chance to make a photo of the 7th, as it was quickly cut and we ate it... :) ) 
Me and my team mate, we baked Chestnut Cake with whipped cream.
It has a really easy preparation, as it needs only a cocoa round sponge cake. Cut it up 2 times to have 3 layers. Grate the chestnut puree and add a little bit of rum to it, sweeten it powdered sugar, and loosen it up with whipped cream. Fill the layers, and the top with the cream, and decorate as you like.

The Black Forest Cake is really interesting, as it has 3 kinds of filling, cherry cream with cherry palinka, cocoa cream and vanilla cream. It also has a cocoa sponge cake for base cut to 3 layers.
Fill them with the 3 creams in circular shapes,like so.

 This way the slice of the cake will have a beautiful texture. 
Then cover the whole cake with whipped cream, decorate the top with cherries and the side with dark chocolate sprinkles.

The Yogurt Cake with forest fruits looked really nice. It has a light sponge cake, filled with yogurt cream, which is made of yogurt, mixed with whipped cream, which had gelatin and sugar in it, to make it thicker. The decoration is also colored gelatin and forest fruits.
The next cake is Castle Cake. It's also a layered cake, made of cocoa sponge cake which has walnut in it. The cream is c
aramel cream with whipped cream. 

The next was Cottage Cheese Cake with peach. It has a light sponge cake , the cream is made of cottage cheese, whipped cream, powdered sugar, 1 lemon, and gelatin.
Raspberry Cake was really nice as well. Besides the usual whipped cream and gelatin, the cream has vanilla cream in it, too and raspberries of course. The sponge is light sponge cake.
The 7th cake was Russian Cream Cake, which has a light sponge, layered with vanilla cream which has rum and mixed dried fruits in it. 

I bake the Chestnut Cake at home as well , recipe is coming next!

xoxo: Hajni

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