Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Confectionery studies - 12th week

Do You know the little ball or cube shaped, creamy layered little cakes, that are covered with colorful fondant? These are the mignons...
I have two different stories of their history. One of them is due to a famous Hungarian Confectioner of all time, Mr. Kugler invented it, and called them Mignons, as it means My Little Darling in French. Firstly, it was called Kuglers as the inventor, but now they are Mignons.
The other story is coming from France, from Mr. Mignot who placed poems in the middle of the sweet creation, which made it even more expensive.
Nowadays, you can find these in all of the confectioneries in Hungary (without poems) and they cost a little bit less than a cake slice, because of course the size is much smaller.
The funny thing, that you can't really find the recipe of these on the Net, because if you type it in, only the Gru's Minions are coming up. :D 
So let's see what beauties we had created that week...
There is only one common thing among the different kinds of the mignons.
They have 2 or 3 layers of sponge cakes, and they are filled with some kind of fluffy butter cream. The portion of the cream, the sponge and the covering fondant are 1:1:1. The color of the fondant always matches with the taste of the cream.

So the one on the picture was a Raspberry Mignon, which sponge is circle shaped.
Every mignon is dipped into liquid fondant, which dries pretty quickly, it needs a few minutes. After  that we created a spiral on the top with pink fondant.
The next mignon was Lemon Mignon, which is obviously yellow (or can be white)

Than we could color this yellow fondant with some caramel to cover the Coffee Mignons.

As a joke, we decorated one of them to become a Gru Minion... :)

Then, with a little chocolate, we colored the fondant darker, for the Chocolate Mignons.

The Cherry Mignon, or the Medical X Mignon looked really nice. Before You dip it into white fondant, place a candied cherry on the top, cutted into x shape, so it would make a nice decoration.

The Chestnut cones or Mountains are also interesting. It has a circle sponge cake for a base, then with a decorating bag we shaped chestnut cream cones on the top, then we dipped them to fondant.

Finally we made Marzipan balls, which is covered with marzipan instead of fondant, and it has chocolate cream in the middle.

This course was also great fun.
I hope You liked it as well.

Ps: 11th week is missing I know, we only learnt drawing techniques, which is not so interesting to post about. :D 
xoxo: Hajni

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