Monday, March 17, 2014

Gastro programs - March

Hello Dears,
I hope You are fine. :)
Today I brought You some great gastronomic programs, opportunities to explore the Hungarian cuisine if You are here / or if You would like to come in the future. 
So what to do & where to eat in March?

 1. So we already passed the Gluttonous Thursday which was the beginning of March. (I wrote about that program here) It's about eating out for half price, so 50% off everything. It's good for everybody, brings traffic & marketing to restaurants, and we can enjoy professional meals without spending a fortune. 

2. Dining week is from the 17-23 of March. Similarly to Gluttonous Thursday, it's a program to bring closer restaurants to everyday people, but it can be a great budget friendly event for tourists as well, to try out our specialties in the best places in Budapest. So the program is about having a 3-meal-course in fine-dining restaurants for only 3300 Ft/person. Great, isn't it? :)
/Although I recommend booking the tables  5-8 days before/

3. Macaron Day - March 20. It will be the 3rd Annual celebrations of the macarons in Hungary. It will be in the most interesting statue-building shopping center, in the so cold 'Bálna' which means Whale. 
There will be more than 20 confectioneries, offering their best varieties of the little french desserts. 
/I have some stories of my first macarons, the one that was quite ok, and was really tasty, and the second which was a chaos. :D If You are interested/

4. Let's mention some festivals out of Budapest:

        Eger - Pálinka (l'eau de vie) festival will be on 21-22 March
        Csopak - Wine festival on 22 March
        Gyula - Sausages festival on 28-30 March

I'm sure there will be a great atmosphere with market, kiosks, folk concerts and food & drink sampling as there usually are. :) 

And a + 1 gastro-news here: We have our 3rd Michelin star of Hungary! Borkonyha, Wine-kitchen Restaurant got it's first star some days ago. 
So now we have 3 restaurants with this star: Onyx, Costes and Wine-kitchen. Congratulations! :) 

So now You know that Budapest and Hungary is ready for guests in spring as well, as we have a lot of great places to eat, and enjoy the Hungarian cuisine. :)
xoxo: Hajni 

/The photos I used in this post are from the programs' original webpages or are my own. I hope it's ok, as I recommended them for free. :) /

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