Monday, February 16, 2015

Confectionery studies - 13-14th week

Long time, no see, right?
But I try to navigate you in my past few weeks of pastry chef studies. We learnt so many goodies... As I didn't write about the last 4 or 5 ? courses, now I combine two lessons, which were quite similar to each other. 
So let's start with the slices.  These are cakes as well, but they are only sold in slices, you never find them in one piece. 

I baked the Coconut slices, which has a linzer base, and a coconut cream layer is on the top, which are baked together. It's kind of a thick dessert, to be honest I won't bake it again... haha :D (Not my cup of tea)

Now, let's see the others.
The Gerbeaud. It's a famous sliced cake here, with 3 linzer layers, filled with walnut and peach jam, baked together, and covered with chocolate.

The Rákóczi cottage cheese cake is also a famous, traditional cake here, with one layer of linzer pastry, cottage cheese cream on top, baked together, then we decorate it with egg white foam strings, which we bake as well for about 5 minutes, then finally, we put peach jam in between the foam strings.

The Marzipan slices are one of my favorites, it has 3 layers of cocoa sponge layers, filled with parisian chocolate cream, and has 2 marzipan layers as well. On the top we cover it with green marzipan, and decorate it with a violin key made with melted chocolate.

Then, the Dobos slice, is a variation of the famous Dobos torte, just now, the sponge is rolled up, the filling is the same chocolate cream, and on top, we place an extra rolled sponge, covered with Dobos sugar.
Finally, the Chess Slices. It's made of cocoa sponge cake, and vanilla cream. Cut strings from the sponge, and place 3 of them on a tray, and fill them with cream. Then layer the strings on the cream, and fill the spaces with the cream again. Repeat it several times, then cool the whole cake, and cover it with chocolate to hold it in one piece. 

The next lesson was about Chocolate bombs. These are all kind of dessert, covered with chocolate. And we sell the pieces separately as well.

I made Prickly Bomb with my partner. 
You need 2 indianer pastry, 2 hemisphere sponge, like in the picture. Bake them, and grab a little piece from their bottom, to make small holes.
Then fill two of these with parisian chocolate cream, and cover the balls, with the cream, then make Pricks with the cream on top. Cool them down, then dip them into melted chocolate. This will hold the chocolate pricks in place.

There is an other similar bomb, the Royal Bomb. Which is also made with 2 indianer pastries, filled and covered with the same cream, covered with chocolate, only you need to spin the ball in chocolate sprinkles.

Then we baked 3 cake slice formed bombs.

Like the Bambi slice is a typical chocolate cake, with sponge cake, and parisian cream layered on each other. 
The decoration is a creamy ornament on the top, then it's dipped into chocolate.
I honestly, don't know why it is called Bambi, and why it's something else then a simple chocolate cake piece. :D Who knows...

The next is the same as the Bambi, only we cut and place it in different direction, to have a mountain peak. 
It's called Palm tree peak. (It should represent a part of a palm tree's trunk.)
It's decorated with almond on the top.

And the next is one of my favourite chocolaty cake, the Lúdláb - the Goose Leg cake. (- I have my own recipe for that! :) click  )

It has a cocoa sponge cake for a base, and the parisian cream is foamed with margarine, and whipped cream to get a nice creamy chocolate foam. Some cherries are placed in the middle of the foam, and then the whole cake is covered with chocolate. 

Then we learnt a really tasty slice, the Bohém. Which means bohemian.
I love it's taste. It really tastes as a Ferrero Roche, as the 3 layers of sponges are filled with chocolate pieces, and peanuts, then the chocolate cream has peanuts as well, then it's all covered with melted  chocolate. The decoration is a written Bohém label. 

So that's all for today... I hope You enjoyed it, and got more ideas what to bake next time. :)

xoxo: Hajni

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