Friday, July 24, 2015

Baking projects, life updates...

Hello Dears,
Long time, no see, right?
But now, I have lot's of projects to show You!!!

Well, some of them you may had seen on our FB  page, but let's see them all..
Lot's of baking projects, cakes, competition, celebrations, a vacation and a new job!
1. Let's start with the baking competition! 
It was held in our district in Budapest, for the local people.
The main theme was "Lights" 
It was in June, so creamy, meltable stuff was out of question as the program was held in the main square outdoor. Among 14 competitors, (mainly grannies who like baking)  I gained the precious 3rd place with my Vanille starts - pastries. :) 

I was happy, but to be honest I didn't agree with the first place winning cake. Cake! It was just the meltable creamy stuff, which was demanded to avoid. 
I got a super gift box, with nice and healthy sweets and cookbooks. :)

2. The school ended on the 15th of June. (I still have a final exam in October, but the semester ended. :) ) For the exam I have to practise all the 45 kinds of pastries, cakes at home.
So I baked these... Brioches:

Cottage cheesy "bags" (we call these pastries bags, because of their forms  ) and Vanille-peachy "slippers"

  Salty little scones in different forms, and Russian-cream tortes

3. We had a lot of celebrations... For those cakes are essentials, right? :D And who else would bake if not me? :) 
So let's see the cakes, and the lot calories we had during these three months... :D
A Yogurt Cake for my Grannie's birthday in May

An Oreo Cake (my first ever) for my fiancé's Aunt's nameday :) in June

A Cottage cheese and strawberry Cake for my Mom's name day in June

Graduation caps for my fiancés final exam in June (from muffin, and waffles)

My fiancé's Niece had her graduation from primary school in June

 I baked a Girly dress cake for a job interview, that I actually didn't go, because I ran out of time ... Good thing , that we could eat the cake ourselves. :D 
It was yoghurt cake inside. 

4. I was successful at job hunting, when the school ended, I had no time-schedule to  hold me back from a full-time job again.
 I searched, but a full-time confectioner job is really tiring, and standing near ovens in this hot summer would be unbearable...
 So, I looked for an office job, close to my Economist degree in tourism and catering field.  I started working as a financial assistant at a hotel. :)
I really like it, although starting something totally new is hard, and stressful. But lifechanging. This is my first-ever office job, I have never worked the way "normal" people do, like from Mondays till Fridays in only one shift. 
It's such a relief! I can see my family on the weekends, and I don't have to come home late in the evening from work, like a year ago, when I worked in more shifts. 
For those people who always worked like the "normal way" it can be strange to desire, they don't quite see, that it is such a welfare that worth more than anything.

5. Before starting my new job, we fast went on holiday. (You know, in the trial periods we can't go on holidays, and it's usually up to 3 months)
We went to the famous Tokaj wine region here in Hungary, to a camping park.
We stayed in wooden house, and went on excursions a lot, as the weather was quite cold for summer, and rainy. (We were so unlucky, that was the only cold week in this summer here. Now it's hot like hell, and everybody stays near some lakes and on holiday... Anyway the region is beautiful, and the wines are truly quality types)

Here are some pics we took.
 (The river Tokaj)

 (a mine-lake in Tarcal)

(A famous wine cellar)
And we visited the biggest zoo in Hungary in Nyíregyháza.

That's all for now.
I hope You have an enjoyable summer, too!
Take care!
xoxo: Hajni

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