Friday, April 19, 2013

Chocolate Coconut Balls Cake

Hello! :) Do You like Coconut Balls? :D This is one of my fav. desserts. Why don't You make a cake of them? :D

I'm really busy these times, You can see that from my absence here. My table is full of papers, and books (this is the last period of the semester), and there's a bit untidiness around that, as I could lost a note with my recipe for a post. :( It was a really tasty apple pie recipe... I must find that, it was really good. :D 

But this cake is another piece of heaven. :D And actually as I'm short on time, it's a no-bake-cake, too. Quick, but delicious

I made it for my Sweetheart's niece's birthday. :) 


  • 500 g = 2.1 cup of crushed biscuits/cookie crumb crust 
  • 125 g = 0,5 cup of margarine (melted)
  • 3 tbsp of cocoa
  • 1,5 dl = 0.6 cup of milk
  • + 5tbsp of milk
  • 8 tbsp of sugar
  • 50 g = 5 tbsp of icing sugar
  • 1 package of chocolate pudding powder
  • 1 tbsp of vanilla flavor
  • 1 tbsp of almond flavor
  • 1 bar of chocolate melted
  • desiccated coconut


1. Heat up the milk, with the sugar. When it melted, you can take it down.

2. Mix the crushed biscuits with the milky sugar, the melted margarine, the cocoa, the flavors, the icing sugar, and with the pudding powder.

3. Make a big ball from it.
4. Separate a little ball from it, for the decoration.

5. Put the big ball to a plate, and knead a cake form from it.

6. With a knife, make a net on the top of the cake, so that it would look like a chocolate bar.

7. Melt the chocolate, and lubricate that onto the cake.

8. Make stronger, and deeper the "net" on the top.

9. Make small balls from the separated batter.

10. Pour desiccated coconut on the sides of the cake. And to the little balls, too.

11. Place the little coconut balls in the chocolate on the top of the cake.

12. Place the cake to the fridge.

I hope You like it. :D Enjoy! :) 
xoxo: Hajni

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