Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to make a Cat Cake

Hi Dears,
Today I brought You an easy technique for making a cat shaped cake. :)
It's really easy, firstly , You will need a big sponge cake, and a smaller sponge cake.

When they are ready, you need to cut some of the parts of it, carefully, because You will need them for the tail and the legs.
I marked the original sponges and You can see where I cut them.

After that You can make some small changes, cuts on the legs, on the tail if you would like to, but actually with the cream you can hide any spots.

I made two creams, a chocolate one and a vanilla. I cooked puddings, then I let them cool down, I made whipped cream, and mixed it with the puddings.
 Firstly, I cut the sponges to 3 layers, and filled with the creams.
Then I covered the body with the chocolate cream, and I covered the head,  the legs and the tail with vanilla. 
Then I put the rest of the creams into decorating bags, with star shaped nozzles.
I draw the cat with them, added stripes as well, and a nice face. 
I contoured the face with melted chocolate.


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