Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gastro-programs for June! :)

Hey Guys! We are nearly at the beginning of SUMMER
(although the weather has another opinion),
 even some of us has reached his/her Vacation time! :) 
/not me, I still have 1 exam left../ 

But if You're coming here this month, or if You are just interested in our country, I'm sharing some
really enjoyable gastro-programs,
 to You! :) 

So, be prepared, there will be beers, strawberries, strudels... See below ;)

It's a festival with lots of Hungarian food, but the main characteristics will be the 'Lecsó' (Hungarian ratatouille) and rosé wines. 
(And of course if You are in Etyek, You should see the Hungarian Hollywood, film center , too. More and more great American actors shoot their films, here.
    picture is from here
And the wine region is also worth watching.)
It's all about beers. :) 

 picture is from here

  • June 7-9. There will be a Wine spritzer & Babecue Party in Budapest. 
  • It will be hold in one of my favourite place: in the "Kopaszi" bay of the Danube. With lots of fun, folk music, and artisans and sport involved. Children are welcomed.
     picture is from here
    (A mini train will be in charge of all the travelling up to the hills :) )

    Food, food, and more food, with a lot of cooking competitions.

     picture is from here
    It will be up near Buda castle, with an excellent view over the city. There will be 200 kinds of beers and super great concerts! :) 

    Concerts, sporty activities, and lots of deliciousness with Strawberries
    Maybe something like these: Cream? Cake?

    Beers with great dishes from the Hungarian and Czech cuisine.

    A folkloristic wedding with all the great traditions at the nuptial, and with the greatest recipes.
    You want a Strudel Recipe? Here's one. 

    So If You are coming, enjoy Your stay! :)  If You're just a virtu-tourist, enjoy my recipes, that I'm sharing each week. And here's a secret: There will be some changes here, so that You could have more great recipes, and more touristic informations about the country... :) 
    xoxo: Hajni

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