Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ice coffee

Hello! :)
Probably every one of You have made ice coffee someday. 
Everyone has preferences, with or without ice cream, vanilla or chocolate? With or without sugar, etc... For me it's usually with a lot of sugar, and if I have, with a cookie. :D

So, why I brought this recipe? Because I show a different way to do it. Quite simple, and fun! 
With this recipe I start a little series, on how to use the silicone ice maker mold in different ways.

So No.1: Coffee cubes

  • 2-3 espressos
  • milk/sugar/ice cream the way You like it
  • silicone ice maker mold
  • chocolate straw (if You have)

1. Make some portions of espressos.
2. When it's ready, pour it into some silicone ice maker holes. Wait until it cools, and put it into the freezer.
3. When they have frozen you can serve them with milk, sugar, ice cream.
4. If you wish you can decorate them with whipped cream, cocoa/cinnamon and with chocolate straws.

I think it's a funny way to do ice coffee with iced coffee cubes. If You always have some cubes of them in the freezer, You can serve them immediately to unexpected guests. :)

If You like the Coffee box in the background on the picture, I made it for my love, and you can read the preparation of that here. 

xoxo: Hajni

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