Monday, February 4, 2013

Busó festivities at Mohács

Masked end-of-winter carnival custom

Party-time, huh? :D But what a party! It's not an ordinary mask wearing party, but a traditional, an entertaining, and a lovely event! 

 I must tell about it, to You, You will love it! :)

During the 7-12 of February a magical festival is on, in the Hungarian town, Mohács...

Scary  masks, shepherd's furs, funny programs, and winter-shooing! :D

Bye bye winter, We want spring!
 (especially summer, but I would accept spring as well :D)

I am not the only one, to know that this custom is great, because this event is on the list of the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
Here is a  video of the tradition.

Briefly, about the festival: 

Some villagers, townies make scary masks, and when the middle of February comes, they wear them, with traditional shepherd's coats, boots, and they might hold pitchforks, broomsticks, or other folk objects. 

As they are not so pretty, even more, they are frightening, they go out, to scare WINTER away, so that Spring could come, with it's shiny weather, for the people, to grow cereal, and fruits. 

But today, it changed a bit. :D

The funny townies scare the passengers, the passers-by, and tourists, (not so much, but a bit) , or they make a joke, with them. :)

Usually, there are programmes as well as bonfires, concerts, and gastro - fairs. As it's in the UNESCO list, the town prepares for the tourists , too, and everybody have a great time! :)

You can read about it more here
The pictures are from that UNESCO site as well. :)

xoxo: Hajni

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