Sunday, February 10, 2013

Filled Chocolate chalice

  Special dessert for your special one? ♥
 This is not just special, but it's really  funny, like a party, preparing this. 

If You follow me, we will blow balloons , melt lot's of chocolate, and of course we will burst, and pop the balloons. Interested? :D
We were making these with my sweetheart, he was really useful for me :D He had a lot of good ideas, for the know-how. :)

  • 7 balloons
  • one bar of white chocolate
  • one bar of dark chocolate
  • one bar of milk chocolate (or half white, half dark)
  • half teaspoon of oil (3 times)
  • one package of sweetened chestnut puree
  • whipped cream

1. Wash the balloons well.

2. Blow them, not too much, just to little balloons. (You can wash them afterwards, too.)

3. Put an Aluminum foil to a tray.

4. Melt the chocolates, in 3 different bowls, in the microwave (3 minutes on 350 W) Add half teaspoon of oil to each, and stir them separately.

5. Put a balloon in one of the chocolate bowls, and with a baking paintbrush "paint" some chocolate to the end of the balloon. This will be the plate of the chalice. 

6. Then "paint" some chocolate , a circle shape , to the foil, and place the chocolaty balloon onto it. The balloon will stand, alone, You don't have to glue it with plus effort. 

 7. Repeat this method with the other balloons, you should use the other chocolate bowls , too.

8. You can make decoration , with the chocolate that had rested. 

9. Put the tray out , to a table in the garden, or to the balcony, or a place where there is cold. (I made it in winter, so we had snow :) ) The chocolate should dry, there, in a chalice shape.

10. Mix some sweetened chestnut puree with whipped cream.

11. Now, here comes the funny part! :) Go out to the balloons, and burst, or pop them, with a knife, or with a pin. :D

/If You do this inside, the chocolate will start to melt, and when the balloon bursted , the chalice would shrink/

12. Then, carefully, take out the rest of the balloon.

My Sweetie's coment: "A little help: If you have an ice layer on the balloon, 

(spill very few water on it, before cooling), the balloon should burst slowly, 

sustaining the form of the chocolate."  :)

13. Fill them with the cream.

14. Then blow some meringues on the top with whipped cream. 

15. Decorate them with the little chocolates.

Now, You can serve them inside, but take care! You must eat them quickly, or it will melt! :)


xoxo: Hajni


  1. These are absolutely beautiful. Perfect for Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank You! :) They are so sweet, everybody would love them. :)