Thursday, February 21, 2013

Touch of sweetness ♥

Hello Dearests! :) 

I'm sooo happy :D I was hard-working the past few days, at school, remember, this is my last semester, my CV-s on their way to the top hotels, and from summer I will be a hotel manager trainee. :D 

Apart from studying, I made these cuties for Valentine's Day, for the actual date, to my Sweet Heart. ♥

Being a food-blogger makes strange customs... 

Like I've been making Valentine's desserts for a while, to update them in time for You. 
Creating unique , creative desserts (Chocolate Chalice, Hearty Chocolate Crater cake, You know)  and for the actual date, I'm being in a rush to prepare something presentable... 
(anyway, he ate from those others too, but the date is important as well. How does that look like, that I'm making desserts every week, and not a single one on V' Day?...)

Well , that's how this dessert was born. I takes only 30 minutes, no cook/no bake recipe! :D

  • 1 package of sweet biscuits/cookies as You like 
  • 1 package of heart shaped gums
  • 2 big tablespoons of peanut butter (Nutella)

1. Melt a little the peanut butter in the microwave oven for 2 minutes on 350 W, then stir it with a little fork.

2. Fill two biscuits with a teaspoon of peanut butter. Then push them together.

3. Grab a hearty gum, and glue it on a biscuit sandwich with some nutella. 

4. Repeat this method with the rest of the material. :D

So easy, isn't it? :D 

PS.: It's a little weird gums and biscuit together, but it's funny, you should eat them one after the other, separately. :D

xoxo: Hajni

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