Monday, July 21, 2014

Lemonade in another way

Hi Dears,
I hope You all feeling fine in the warm middle of the summer. :)

I brought a bit of a refreshment today, and with it, 
I'm continuing the "How to use more the silicone ice-cube mold?" topic... 
Part II.

Firstly, I showed how You can freeze coffee in them to have ice-coffee any time You wish in 3 seconds.
Now it's kind of the same preparation, only with lemon juice to have a fresh cold lemonade. :)

-lemon/lemon juice
-soda/sparkling mineral water
-sugar (if needed)
-straw and silicone ice cube mold

1. Was a lemon well. Cut it in the middle, and squeeze one half of it, and pour its juice (or use lemon juice from a bottle) into the silicone mold.

2. Put them in the freezer, and wait, until it freezes.
3. Then when you wish to have a lemonade, all you have to do is to prepare a soda, put 2-3 iced-lemon juice cubes in it, and decorate it with lemon pieces. (If You wish it to be sweeter, stir 2 tsp of sugar in it)

(In this case, You only freeze some small lemon juice cubes, instead of whole bottles, which fill your fridge.)

I hope You liked the little tip.

xoxo: Hajni

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