Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Visiting the Chocolate Museum

Hello! :)
Guess where I was! 
I have been to a Chocolate Museum, and I can tell You it was like Heaven! :) 
We tasted so much chocolate, that usually I never consume half of that amount in a month, but since You are there, You just can't resist any of them.
I brought You many-many pictures, and a story of course, 
so let me start Your virtual-tour...

My Mother got the tickets as a present from her students, and as she knows I am a baker maniac she brought me with her, to explore the Chocolate Museum.

We were really excited to go, as even the invitation voucher was so beautiful, it could be a picture on the wall.

So we made the appointment and headed to the little castle, which was far-far away from our home, it took nearly 2 hours by public transportation. 
/We even got lost a bit, so if You wish to visit too, I recommend to go by car/

Fortunately,  we reached in time the program opening, and not just the cottage, but it's garden was like a fairy-tale.
There were Mozart figures all over the place 
(You know the Mozart truffle-ball, right?) 

And in front of the entrance there were two symbolical cocoa trees made of bronze.   

And even there was a nice fountain as well with benches around it, to have a pleasant area to sit, until the program started.

There are several organized tours here, (web page is here) like palinka, chocolate tastings, we were on a fancy chocolate tour, which took for about 2,5 hours, with tastings during the whole tour. (I can not even count the pieces of chocolate we ate, it was so many. :) )

 So the program started with the introduction of the cottage, which belongs to the Rákóczi Chocolate factory.

First, we could try a marzipan ball covered with melted chocolate (62% cocoa) which we made, in a chocolate fountain! :D
Then we were guided to the Rákóczi salon, where at the end we consumed the dessert supper.
 It was so elegant, frescoes on the ceiling, paintings, and mirrors everywhere. 

 Then we were guided to the wine cellar, where we had a little glass of palinka. 
(Mine was with cherries)
Then, we learned about the famous Hungarian-related chocolate factories.

These pictures belong to Stühmer, which was a very famous chocolate factory 100 years ago. 
These little wax dolls were the old-times Kinder surprise, if You scratched the wax from them, there were chocolate-dolls inside. 

And these are the famous Daisy "Százszor-szép"  bon-bon boxes, which type was one of the best quality and the tastiest in the country.
(Even today You can only find a limited amount of these, if You are here in Budapest. 
They have started to re-make these for about 2 years, now)

We saw the first Cat tongue "Macskanyelv" chocolate box as well, which was also a Hungarian introduction, but the form and the name came from a French Madeline type cake.
 /so cute /
And we learned about the history of the cocoa, and the preparation of the chocolate, of course.
(These are real cocoa beans) 

 This beautiful wall was showing a dock in Netherlands, where they even had cocoa mills there to grind the beans as they arrived from South-America. 
 And below, You can see some chocolate figure molds, I found quite adorable those grumpy little cooks.

Of course we learned about the Mozartkugelns. But I won't tell the story, because I don't want to tell everything.  Haha... :D 
You should really go there and hear it Yourself.

What I really liked was the pretty chocolate and tea boxes.
 In the old times they really put all the effort to make them richly detailed and beautiful. Here's an example.

And of course we got plenty of tasting samples during the tour, which was always nice. :) 

And then , here comes the best part!
We could make our own chocolate-tart!!! :D

Again we were introduced to a chocolate machine (with 72% cocoa) , we got a little tart, and after we filled it with melted chocolate, we could flavor it with more than 8-10 different toppings, the way we wished. 

So mine had at least 5 of them as I am a gourmet. :) (rose petals, cinnamon, chili, coconut, sugar pearls, mini macaron...)
 My Mom's was only with chili.
And we got a super nice box for it as well.

After that we went to the Candy shop, which could have been coming from the 19-20th century.
 I bought some bon-bons for the rest of my family and for my colleagues as well, to not let them cry for not coming. :) 

Lastly, we finished the program in the salon as I have mentioned before.
 We got a nice tea, more chocolates and a chocolate souffle. 

The water for the tea was heated upon a candle, the furnishing was like in a royal palace. 
It was really nice sitting around that big table like we were some princesses. 

The serving was also elegant, and the souffle was well done, although, after so much chocolate sampling, we couldn't enjoy it as much as it would deserve. :)

All in all, this tour was a really enjoyable experience, I can recommend it cordially, If You wish to go.  :) 

If You would like to visit this museum in Budapest, here's its address:
1162 Bp. Bekecs utca 22.
the web page:

I hope You liked this (little?) virtual tour, and if You were in a similar museum in Your country, please leave a comment here, how You liked it. :)

xoxo: Hajni

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