Thursday, July 31, 2014

Our vacation at Lake Balaton

Hi Dears,
I was wondering how much You know about the Hungarian sea? :)
Here, I think most of us, from the little ones to the grandpas, and grandmas, everyone loves going to Lake Balaton for a week, or just some days, every summer. 
A summer without Balaton is like a wasted year, it's like a nonsense for the Hungarians. 
Of course if a family can afford going further, like to a real sea, to Italy or Croatia is another thing, but to go there by the motorway , it crosses the area of Lake Balaton as well, so they can have a rest there, too. :) 

This year we spent here just 3 days, but it was a real refreshment for us.

This year we booked an apartment house in Balatongyörök, which is in North side of the Lake.
It's a really nice place for vacation, big area of beach, nicely prepared for the tourists, with full of little kiosks, restaurants and good beach. It's rather for having a good rest.

If You travelling through Hungary for some days, as a good concierge and receptionist I am in real life, I would recommend to come and visit Lake Balaton, besides  Budapest, just for a couple of days, or even for 1 day it can be enjoyable.

I circled for you the most beautiful sights for You, a bunch of towns, and cities, which You can see at once, if You wish to have a full journey for a day.
 But actually, you can separate them as well, to make the vacation 1 week long. It would worth it! 

Let me show some of them:

Balatonfüred: My favorite city near the lake. 
It's full of festivals, concerts, and events during the 3 month of the summer.
It's like the capital of the lake. 
When I was little we always came here, every year, then 2 years ago I spent my whole summer here, working in a hotel.

Tihany: It's just next to Balatonfüred, an abbey was built to the top of the hill, and the area is surrounded by lavender lands. So pretty! 
And You will have great view over the lake. 
And everything is related to its famous lavender land, even my ice-cream ball was lavender flavored. :)  +Besides Lake Balaton, this town has 2 more little lakes. Fairyland!


One of the inner lakes.

We visited Tihany this year as well, we stopped here on our way back to Budapest. We only spent here about 2-3 hours but we could still enjoy its atmosphere.

Badacsony: A town built on an ex-volcanic hill. It's a really beautiful land, with lot's of vineyards, with good wines. The legend says its grapes are one of the bests, because they receive 3 times more sun, and warmth than the rest. 1: the Sun itself, 2: the Sun reflected back from the Lake, and 3: the volcanic warmth the ground has.

Tapolca: A bigger, but still nice city, with a beautiful watery cave. :)

Keszthely: Grassalkovich castle with its grand park, and a lot of funny museums are here. (For example you can find toy-, historical wax dolls-, retro- or even erotic museum here)

Hévíz: Here you can find the most famous outdoor thermal lake, with radioactive, healthy water. Everybody who wish to recover or get more healthy comes here. Even in autumn the water is above 30 degree Celsius. :)
And swimming near the water lilies is quite unique.

Ok, so these cities, I just picked were just a few from all the lovely cities at Lake Balaton. 
Every one of them is special in their own way. 

Our 3 day long vacation included a lot of relaxing in the beach, in Balatongyörök, but as I mentioned we managed to go sight-seeing a bit in Tihany, and a little bit in Keszthely, too. 

And of course we didn't arrived Budapest empty-handed as we bought a couple of good bottles of wine from the region. :)

Let me know, if You have a favorite town at Lake Balaton. Which is yours? 

xoxo: Hajni

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