Monday, September 29, 2014

Confectioner studies 2nd week

Hi Dears!

Last week was really fun in school, as we actually started to work in the kitchen. :)

The basic theme was - how to heat sugar, to reach different consistencies?

Firstly, we made beigli stuffings. Do You know beigli? We make it for Christmas usually. The basic kinds are with walnut or with poppy seed. 
Here's a picture: 
For these, we only need to boil up the sugar in water.

(The regular Beigli stuffing recipe: (You should pour the hot sugar syrup on to the rest of the stuffing ingredients, and mix them well) 
  • 500 g of walnut/poppy seed
  • 250 g of sugar
  • 2 dl of water
  • 50 g of honey
  • 50 g of raisins
  • 1 lemon grated peel
  • 1 orange grated peel
  • 5 g of cinnamon
We will learn its pastry next week)

After that we have made different sugar syrups, to get the candy sugar consistency, and to get caramel, and to get fondant, and lastly, what I have tried was to make brittle/grillage. 

For making the grillage you need the proportion 1:1 of minced walnut and caramelized sugar.
For that you only need to heat up the sugar, stir it continuously, until all of it melts, then stir the minced nuts in it. 

And after that you have about 2 minutes to make shapes from it, because if it cools down, it will break easily. (Sorry for the quality of the photos, it was late in the evening, with bad lightning)

On the courses we learnt about the utensils of the profession, and as it turned out I will need to purchase some putty knifes, and a marble slab to work at home properly. Where should I buy it? :D 

It's morbid , but probably at a burial company. 
We need the marbel to cool the hot mixtures, and the sugar syrups in some cases. 

Next week we will start to bake! :D Yay!
We will bake beiglis, apple pie, isler and linzer.

Keep on following, and You will have the recipes as well, from the professional confectioners! ;)

xoxo: Hajni

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