Friday, September 19, 2014

Confectionery studies - 1. week

Hi Dears! :)
I am SO super excited, to announce that my Confectionery studies began this week! :D

I decided, that I would keep You updated in the blog as well, in a regular, weekly post, and if I manage, with photos as well. :)

For those, who don't know about me much, I already have a Bsc./BA degree certificate as an Economist specialized in Catering and Hotel management. 

But now I'm started a 1 year long course, which will give me a prof. confectioner degree as well, at the end. This certificate will allow me to start my own confectionery sometime if I will be able to do it ... :D
 And the most important part, with this school, I will develop my baking skills on a higher level! :)

So, let's start with the first week...
My studies are on every Monday and Wednesday afternoons, usually from 15 15 until 21 00. 

On Mondays, it's always the theoretical part, with copybooks, and learning, and on Wednesday it's more of a practice type, with 4-5 hours of actual baking in the confectioner workroom. 

We study catering essential skills, the history of catering, a lot of catering management, and food/material studies. Which are easy for me, because I learned them all in the University, in an even deeper way. 

But the Wednesdays are awesome. We have courses that I haven't learnt in University, such as confectioner studies, which was only just mentioned for me there. 

I was so excited to go back to school, as I haven't been there for a year. It was strange to sit behind a desk, and noting again. :) 
Of course I bought cute copybooks for this purpose, as I think this would be the last year of school? (probably not, maybe I will do MA studies, but who knows?) But I thought if it was the last time to buy notebooks, I would let them be special.:)

Briefly we learnt about the elements of the food, more about the importance of the water, about the nutrients. We had a little English course with confectioner English use. 

On Wednesday we learnt about the history of the confectioner profession, and about the essential conditions of the confectioneries (with the regulations, and furniture, and so on...) :) 

After that, we needed to change to chef uniform, and we headed to the confectioner workplace, where we met our prof. who will teach us to bake.
She introduced the main kitchen utensils. 
We haven't baked yet, but next week we probably would start with shortbread, like Isler, Linzer...

I am really looking forward to start the actual practice! :)

If You are interested, keep on following, I will post every week of the happenings. :)



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