Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Birthday Cakes...

Hi Dears,

In my family, September is the month of birthdays. 
We celebrate 3 birthdays together, my Father's, my Brother's, and mine... :)
That's why I have the occasion for baking a cake for myself as well, as we hold it together. :)
Guess which cake I baked myself? :D 
(As a little help, two of them came from confectioneries, my Mom made one, and me one) So?

Firstly, I got this beauty from my lovely colleagues, as I worked on my birthday. 
It was an almond cake from the famous Szamos confectioneries.
In the middle it had grillage cream, and sweet sour cream.
Then I baked this double-cake creation. Which is a joghurt cake with nectarine and plum on one side, and dark chocolate on the other. I will post the recipe for this soon. :) I was quite proud of the look of the cake. Isn't it pretty? :)

I brought that cake to our family celebration, and at the same time we had another chocolate cake, that my mother prepared. (She usually doesn't bake, she buys the sponge, and covers it with chocolate pudding, so it had a rustic shape.  But we still loved it.)

The make a wish part...

And I received this impressive strawberry cream cake from my fiance's family. It was so tasty. Creamy and light! 

Hopefully, after my confectioner courses I will be able to make similar cake beauties. 
Anyway I was really fortunate to have these cakes now. If only I had time to work out as well! :D

xoxo: Hajni

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