Sunday, October 5, 2014

Confectioner studies - 3rd week

Hello! :)
This week we really baked many many goodies.
This week was all about shortbread
I brought You great photos as well, so come and check. 
It was fun!

At first, we were making small groups, to decide which shortbread to bake. 
I was in the Isler-group. (Which is one of my favourite) 

So after we had weighted every ingredients, the teacher told us what to do, and one by one we could see the methods. 

For the shortbread we learned that the portion is always the same 3 flour 2 butter 1 sugar + other additives. 
+ You always have to knead the dough with your hands.

For the regular isler and linzer dough You will need: 60 dkg flour, 40 dkg butter, 20 dkg powdered sugar, 2 egg yolks, a little vanilla sugar, and grated lemon peel for the dough to knead. 
Then you should cool the pastry in the fridge for 20minutes, then you can roll it out, and cut the circles from it. Bake them for about 10-15 minutes on 180 degree Celsius. 
Wait until it cools down,  fill them with cherry jam in the islers, and peach jam in the linzers, cover them with another circle, and dip the islers into chocolate, or sprinkle the top with powdered sugar and minced walnut of the linzers.

We also made beiglies, and Pozsonyi crescents (kifli) with walnut and poppy seed. For the recipe I will share it next time, with my home-baked try-out of the crescents. ;)

One of the groups baked an apple pie. I didn't even know that, but actually this is the standard look of the apple pie. The taste could have been better I think, because in my opinion it wasn't sweet enough. At home I will try it as well soon, to see what I can change in the recipe.

And one of the best were these salted shortbread creations, " pogácsa"  which we could proudly announced that they turned out just like it should be in the real confectioners. :)
For that it was strange that we activated the regular yeast in cold milk, and mix the egg in the milk. 
Ingredients: 1 kg of flour, 60 dkg butter, 3 dl of sour cream, salt, 5 g of yeast, 4 yolks + grated cheese and cumin, sesame seed and poppy seed for decoration.

And we also tried to bake Fruit bread , but we had some problems, so it didn't succeeded. :/ :)

It was really busy in only 4 hours we had. But we enjoyed it all, and at last, we could eat these great shortbread. :)

xoxo: Hajni

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