Monday, October 6, 2014

Yogurt & Chocolate cake 2 in 1

Hi! :)
As I promised I brought the recipe of this yin-yang cake I baked last time! 
To be honest, I haven't decided yet, if I like the result or not. 
I wanted to make something different, than usual, something more interesting, and I think it worked. :)
Untill the yogurt solidified with the gelatin, I had placed a baking sheet in the middle to separate it from the chocolate part.
It needed a night to cool in the fridge.
I baked this for my father's, my brother's and for my birthdays, as we celebrated together. :)
  • for the sponge:
    • 4 eggs (yolks and egg white separately)
    • 300 g of flour (1 + 1/5 cup)
    • 2 dl of milk (4/5 cup)
    • 1 dl of water (2/5 cup)
    • 0,5 dl of oil or 50 g of butter (1/5 cup)
    • 250 g of sugar (1 cup) or 3 tbsp of Cologrin sweetener
    • 1 tbsp of baking powder
  • for the chocolate part
    • 1 egg yolk
    • 5 dl of milk (half liter)
    • 1 package of chocolate pudding powder
    • 6 tbsp of powdered sugar
    • 3 tbsp of flour
    • 200 g of butter (4/5 cup)
    • 2 tbsp of cocoa
    • chocolate dragee
    • 1 bar (100 g) of dark chocolate

    • for the yogurt part
      • 2 dl (4/5 cup) of sweet whipped cream
      • 40 g = 2 packages of instant express gelatine
      • 2 boxes = 800 g of peach yogurt
      • 5 tbsp of powdered sugar
      • nectarine and plums
      • 1 package of fruit jelly
      • 1 dl of water
    1. Whisk the egg whites.

    2. Then mix all the ingredients of the sponge, lastly add gently the egg foam to it with a spatula.

    3. Lubricate the circle shaped baking mold with butter, sprinkle it with flour, and pour the mixture in it.

    4. In a preheated oven bake the sponge for about 40 minutes on 180 degree C.

    5. When it's ready, and cooled down a little bit, cut it up horizontally. (I used a big knife and thread to cut it)

    6. Then cut it in the middle vertically as well. We will use 1 half-moon shape of sponge for the yogurt part, and 3 for the chocolate part.

    7. With a little milk mix the chocolate pudding, the flour, the cocoa, and the powdered sugar, then add 1 egg yolk to it. 
    8. Heat up the rest of the milk, and when it boiled up, pour it onto the chocolate pudding mixture, and stir and heat it until it becomes a cream.

    9. When the chocolate cream cooled a bit, you can add the butter to it, and lighten the cream with it in a mixer.
    10. For the yogurt You need to whip up the cream, and add the yogurt with the express gelatin to it with some powdered sugar.

    11. Lubricate the bottom part of the sponge with chocolate cream, and place another sponge half to it. Repeat it twice. Then lubricate the top as well with the chocolate cream.

    12. Melt one bar of chocolate and lubricate the top of the cake with it.

    13. We will use the rest of the chocolate cream for the decoration with some dragees as well.
    14. Place a baking sheet in the middle of the cake, vertically. I had strengthen it with some bread-sticks. 
    15. Pour the yogurt mixture on the other half of the cake.

    16. Wash and slice up the fruits, and decorate the top of the cake.

    17. Then I mixed 1 package of fruit jelly with 1 dl of water, I heated it up, and I poured it onto the fruits. It gives them a nice shine. Then I decorated the chocolate part as well.

    19. Place it in the fridge, it needs a night for sure to solidify. 

    xoxo: Hajni

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