Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2nd Blogiversary

Hello Dears!
I am happy to announce, that we are celebrating the 2nd anniversary of starting this dessert blog. :)

We have more than 130 post now, with mostly dessert recipes.
It is always fun to bake at home, and it is even better to share the results with you! :)

Since the starting, I hope I developed my photographic skills as well, besides the baking of course. 
And I started the confectioner studies as well, so the page will get tones of more exciting recipes soon! :)

As You might read, I share every week about the baking courses here, and I try to bake every week something from that course. :) 

As a thank you for following, and encouraging me gesture, I would like to give you some gifts.
I prepared 2 kinds of packages to win, on our Facebook page.
One with :

A cute Marie cat cookie cutter, my favorite gingerbread spice mix, and the best -without boiling - hazelnut cream mix from Hungary.

And another one with:
a pocket of Hungarian sweet paprika, the best quality from Szeged, the capital of paprika. And a wooden spoon with Hungarian folk decoration from the famous historical city, Eger. 

 If you wish to win you only have to SHARE the one, (or both) package that you would like to win, and on the headline, copy your favorite recipe's webpage from the site.

Let's celebrate together! :)
xoxo: Hajni

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