Monday, October 20, 2014

Confectionery studies - 5th week

Hi Dears, 
Last week, it was a really busy course in school.
At the same time we learnt 6 different pastries to bake.
It can be tough to look each groups, while we are baking our own pastry in our group. Usually that's why I bake at home something else to learn at least 2 of them properly. :) 
This time we have baked mostly mid-morning, or afternoon pastries.
Come and check them out!

My group baked the Cottage Cheese rolls.
This pastry has 2 dough, layered on each other, that's why the pastry is puff pastry. It stuffed with cottage cheese cream, we wrapped it with the pastry in a "bag" shape, and lubricated the top with egg yolk.

Here You can see, that another group baked Cocoa Rolls.
They used the same dough that we did as well.
It was the best Cocoa roll, that I ever tasted, it was so soft. It melted in our mouth. (I will bake it soon at home, so You will get the recipe. :) )

Another group baked Swiss Crescents. It is stuffed with walnut cream.
It is decorated with white fondant.

Then, my other favorite is this Peach roll, with vanilla cream.
I loved it when I was a child. These are the regular pastries that You can buy here in Hungary in every bakeries. 

So these pastries were made of the same kind of dough.

Plus, we learnt some doughnuts, the famous "Ekler doughnut", which has a crispy top hat, which is covered with brown fondant. And stuffed with cocoa cream, and whipped cream. (It didn't turn out to be beautiful..)

And with the same dough we baked the also famous "Delegate doughnut" 
It has vanilla cream and whipped cram in the middle. And jam on top with almond flakes.

Have a nice week! I hope You like these pastries as we do here in Hungary! :)

xoxo: Hajni

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