Friday, May 22, 2015

My pastry exam

Hi Dears,
It's only a small post about my baking exam I had this week.

There were 5 pastries to bake, one per person. Our group has 15 members, so all the products were baked 3 times.

I got Walnut crescents in Pozsonyi style, I was quite happy to have that. :)

 It really turned out great, everything went well, non of the crescents crashed, the mosaic style  on top was beautiful and the filling was tasty.

The teacher pulled apart the very cusps of the crescent and looked if there was filling there as well, and there was, so hurray! :) I got a big 5, which A+ in your countries! :)

All the 3 of us, who baked Pozsonyi got 5-s, as they were all beautiful and satisfactory.

So , I will have just one big exam, in October, with 3 pastries to bake and one cake to decorate at once! Challenge is up!

xoxo: Hajni

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