Friday, May 22, 2015

Visiting the SÜTI. Home-made-style cakes, shop & manufactury

Hi Dears, 
It's time to introduce a really nice little Cake Shop & manufacture the SÜTI.  
I have visited it yesterday, and tried one of it's cakes...
Normal people visits confectioneries with their friends, families to have some moments of comfort and have a good chat.  

Me? I don't really need any occassion, I just love tasting new things, and trying specialities. As I am becoming a prof. pastry chef it's kind of our duties to do so... :)

So this time, I was in the Rózsakert Supermarket which is in one of the most beautiful area of Budapest's, up on the Buda hills, in Rózsadomb. 

The pastry shop is just in front of the entrance. The shop and the manufacture are together, in a tiny little kiosk, which is decorated with nice pastel colors.
(I couldn't make a photo of the front, as the guard already warned me that it was forbidden to make photos in the plaza...  Did You know that? Of course I didn't take photo of any person, but now we know that even the walls are protected :D ) 

The best thing in the shop, that its windows are see-through, so we passers-by can see all the steps of their baking preparations. 
Ok, if we have time, if not just looking at the shop windows we can figure the shop's variety and it's aim to bake quality product in home-made style. 
They are proud that they don't use any unnatural ingredients, nor margarine... They even have gluten-free, paleo and vegan cakes as well. 

But for me, fortunately I don't need any diets, I could chose from all of their products.
I was sure that I wanted a slice of cake... So let's see... They had at least 3 different kinds of chocolaty cakes, pies, Belgian gluten-free chocolate cake...

Here You can see 2 slices of the Mediterranean Cottage-cheese cake, some kind of berry-pie with cottage-cheese cream as well.  

A raspberry paleo cake, a gluten-free Carrot cake and the Belgian Milk Chocolate Cake (gluten-free, too) which I mentioned, already.

I chose the Mediterranean Cottage-cheese cake, as I wanted something light as it was before lunch time, I didn't want to replace that with cake...  (Why not?:)) 

But I did. It was delicious, and creamy, I think it had cream cheese in it as well, as it was heavier than the regular yogurt-cottage cheese or whipped cream-cottage cheese combinations  that I used to know in other confectioneries.

It did replaced my lunch, at the last bites I really had to slow down to eat the whole. At that point, I made the photo, and I marked the portion of the slice with the line. It was quite big, and satisfactory. 

The place has two tables with 4 chairs, so if You are with bigger company , I suggest to take the cakes away. But if You are with your partner on your shopping tour it's perfect to sit with some desserts for a few minutes.

They has multiple choices of fruity shakes, and beautifully packed edible gifts, like meringues, or decorated cookies.

The price of the desserts are quite the same like in the downtown, 500-700 Ft/slice, but here we can be sure that they used the best ingredients.

So, I can only recommend the place to visit, if You are in the area.

xoxo: Hajni

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