Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wedding Cupcakes with decorated cookies

Hello Dears, 
Last weekend, we were at a beautiful wedding ceremony, and party! 
(It was my second time to attend to one, and this time I was one of the bridesmaids, too! :) ) 
So as I am a pastry cook to be, what else could have been my gift, than some kind of desserts? 
The main color theme of the wedding was green with orange, that's why I've chosen the green cupcake liners, and even the cupcakes top were covered with green frosting.

I made the decoration cookies one week previously, the dough similar to my valentine cookies'.  I decorated them with glazur --> Beaten egg whites with lots of icing sugar, colored with food colorings.

Then, One  day before the wedding, I baked the muffins. I baked two kinds of them, Sacher muffins, with chocolate and cocoa dough, filled with apricot jam.

The other was a chocolate chips muffin, which I filled with parisian chocolate cream.

Then, I put the chocolate cream into a decorating bag, and made a swirl on each of the muffins. (It made them bigger, too)
Then I put them in the fridge for half an hour.
Then I dipped the Sacher muffins into chocolate frosting, the other one to green-almond frosting, which was made of melted fondant, and regular icing frosting.
Then I placed the cookies on top, and put them into their cupcake liners, and then into boxes, as we had to deliver  it to Lake Balaton as the wedding was held there.  

I put the rest of the cookies to another box, as I made too many. :D

And here we were, the bridesmaids and the Beautiful Bride!
(I am the one with the long dress next to the Bride)

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