Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pancake - a little differently

Pancake - a little differently
There is a challenge in Junglefrog Cooking to make something delicious , and serve it in a glass. It interested me so much, that I decided to participate in it! :)
You can find the challenge here:


-pancakes  :
  • flour
  • milk
  • salt
  • mineral water
(I don't write the exact amount, because it depends on how You like it! ;) )
- jam

For decoration:
- candle with a home made lampion

 Bake the pancakes, in a pan, with some oil.

When You are ready, cut the pancake with round cookie cutter into circles.

Make a sandwich with them, as you coat the circles with jam. (peach)
Put the pancake sandwich into a glass. Add some more jam on top, and strew it with a little cinnamon in the middle.
Fill and roll the other pancakes, and serve them.

 You can decorate the plate with cinnamon , too.
Bon apetit! :)
xoxo: Hajni


  1. I've tried it, and it was YUMMMY!

  2. Oooo now that is a very interesting take on the subject! I've never seen a pancake in a glass!! You deserve big point for creativity for sure! Thanks so much for joining in this months challenge and those pancakes look fabulous!

    1. Thank You! :) I was a bit worried, that it would be difficult to eat from the glass, but actually it was easy. :) One layer at a time, and suddenly the glass was empty. Thanks for the challenge too, it made me think and create this dessert. :)