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Santa Claus Festival

Santa Claus Festival 

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I don't know how do  you like the preparations for Christmas, personally I love it. But only in the end of november, and my favourite time for that is after the 6th of December.
I do not like it, when the  big hipermarkets start to  advertise Christmas stuffs, before,  like this year I saw the first sign of it at the end of september!!!
So, as I have said, Christmas preparations are the best after the 6th of December, here in Hungary. :) What's the reason for that?
Because we celebrate Santa Claus in the morning of december the 6th. Children usually get some sweets, chocolate, peanuts,  oranges, or little presents, which are small enough to put in the boots.
On the 24th of december, our legend sais that the little Jesus , or the angels bring the gifts, (and the decorated Christmas tree) but it depends on the families, of course. :)
Yes, we got the  presents on Christmas Eve, Christmas 25th,  and 26th is for meeting the relatives, and for enjoying the big meals.  :)
Well, after this short introduction  of our customs, let's move to this festival! :)
From the 9th of November to the  20th of December, the National Santa Claus Festival waits for the guests in Nagykarácsony.
This is a little village, called "BigChristmas" in Hungarian. Every postcards at Christmas time are sent there, they put on them a  special Christmas sign, or a stamp, and then  they send them to the adress.
But they organise festivals, too. This will be the 17th Christmas Festival there.
This is for the families, specially for the children.
There will  be games, puppetry, dances, arts and crafts, and slideshows as well.
It can be a fantastic experience for them! Like they become  the elfs of Christmas. :)
Web page of the festival:
For me,  the Christmas preparation will contain a lots of baking, and doing arts and crafts, and looking for the perfect gifts!
But for now, I have to  study for the exams, so Christmas spirit will start just in December!
xoxo: Hajni
This advertisement is for the little Christmas train for the festival! :) Mikulásjárat Mikulásfalván. Kép forrása:

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  1. Oh how our Christmas used to be as a child now it is too commercialized but not to worry I do the way of when I was a child. Jesus is very important in our family.
    Santa Claus is the big jolly man that comes here. We celebrate the American version the we celebrate my husbands which is Hispanic. We celebrate before Thanksgiving first which is in November,the Pilgrims that came to the USA. The day after is when we start with lights and all.My husband is the decorator of our tree oh my gosh so beautiful. I have homemade ornaments from years ago plus my children's things when they were little.I have angel that's big for the tree that the wings move back and forth.Every room in my home is decorated.My fireplace has a village one house is when my mother did that it's over years old.Even the bathroom has lights above the mirrors.I have villages in the window seals that light up for our outside friends when they come can see and know I'm ready.Always baking and giving my sweets and love to everyone. Plus my husband friends at work.....But I do every holiday the same way. Ha ha guess you can call me a Anyday month Holiday day giving and decorating old lady.LOL Thank you so much for this wonderful site.With much love