Sunday, December 7, 2014

Confectionery studies - 9th week

Dear Readers,
Sorry for not posting lately, but as I am working now in a real confectionery I am more and more busier as time is getting closer to Christmas. We have sooo many orders, like last week we baked for a 6000 members event, which means thousands kilograms of cakes and savory scones to prepare.

But at school we continued our studies as well, on the 8th week (unfortunately I left my cell at home, so no pictures) but we learnt the basic sponge cake recipes.

That means, that the next week we started the real cake factory duties. :)  
So I brought many-many tasty and beautiful cakes this time! 

Me and my friend Viki, we baked the Stefánia cake, which is a layered cake, with 5 sheets of thin sponge cakes, and Parisian cream (heated chocolate + margarine + whipped cream) and cocoa on the top.

Then we learnt the famous and traditional Dobos cake, which is a chocolaty cake with caramel layer on the last sheet of sponge cake, which was cut and placed like in the pic.
We have learnt another traditional cake, the also popular walnut containing cake: the Eszterházy cake with fondant on the top. (I also have the recipe for that here) 
Of course, we had to study the basic chocolate covered Chocolate cake.
Then we learnt the Punch cake.(It has pink sponges in the middle, which were dipped into rum.)
Then we learnt a basic Fruit tart.

Last, but not least we learnt a Lemon cake. It was really good, I have to bake it at home, to show you the recipe as well. Soon...

In some days I will show you the 10th week's cakes as well. :) 
Until then, have a really pleasant 2nd Advent Sunday! ♥

xoxo: Hajni

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