Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Free Dessert Calendars for 2015! 3 types for You

 Hey Guys! :) 
I brought a gift for You! 

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and finally I know where I will go to celebrate :D 
After that it will be 2015! 
Usually we got too many calendars, like now we have one for each and every walls in our room. Crazy. But guess what? This year I only got 1, and it's a smaller size, so I decided to make my own...
Of course, I involved desserts, and what's even more obvious, that I used my own pictures from this blog. 
They appeared to be super cool, so I decided to share them with You.

I created 3 calendars, each is different in the style and the size. 
You know, one basic for a room, one with big spaces to write in, and one little to a reminder.
 You only have to download it (it's free), print them out, and stamp them together. :) 

1. type:  Download here - Click here!
The basic one, in my opinion, with big beautiful pictures, and small digits on the monthly calendar.

2. type - Download here - Click here!
The small but long type, to decorate a narrow part of a wall with cheerful colors.

3. type - Download here - Click here!
With big spaces to write in, in the monthly calendar with friendly colors, and small, but refreshing pictures.

Download them, print them, stamp them or bind them together with yarn, and hang them on the wall. Which style will you choose? :)

I wish You a Happy New Year! :)
xoxo: Hajni

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