Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gluttonous Thursday - discounted prices in restaurants

This is a common tradition here, for 8 years, many-many restaurants accepts to be in a program, for 1 day in a year, they offer their menu, and plates for half prices. Cool, hah? Of course You need to register earlier to get a seat, because it's a popular event, but it's totally worth it. 

Picture is from the official site of the program

This Year it will be on the 31th of January 2013, because the regular date will be too close to Valentine's Day which also a popular date for restaurants. 

You can find more information here:  - The restaurant list will be there soon.

And this is a comment in TripAdvisor, which I copied, so You can get to know this event a bit more:

 Gluttonous Thursday - How Cool is That 
A friend told me about this rather unique Hungarian tradition. I think it's brilliant!
Gluttonous Thursday was actually a Hungarian tradition celebrated at Carnival time when people were allowed to go gluttonous and eat meat one last time before the beginning of 40 days of abstinence of Lent. The Hungarian National Tourism office based on this tradition started the Gluttonous Thursday campaign six years ago and it has become very popular among Hungarians.
Gluttonous Thursday is the day when a great variety of restaurants all around Hungary offer a 50% discount on the total of your bill at lunch and dinner time. If there is a restaurant you have been wishing to try for long time, then take advantage of this day and go for it.
Gluttonous Thursday is a unique thing to do in Budapest in February. Check the list of participant restaurants, make your reservation on time and have fun.
When: 23 February 2012 Where: Participant restaurants
Check it out for yourself here only in Hungarian

More opinions to this event:

So, Would You like to try out our dishes? 
We got 2 Michelin star restaurants,  Costes and Onyx . You can read about them in this article of the Budapest Times. 
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