Saturday, March 23, 2013

Gastro-programs in Spring

Hey Guys! :)  I hope You all enjoy the week-end, unfortunately the weather makes that a little bit harder...

But spring Will come, someday, but the programs and festivals are surely coming! :)

Here are a bunch of them for You. If You come here to visit our little country, You should pop in to one or two gastronomic festivals, too, to feel the spirit. :)

This weekend, 23-24 March there is a Ham Festival in Bábolna. 
That's great because next week, Easter Bunny is coming, and what would be an Easter celebration like, without ham (and eggs of course)? There is even a Ham knighthood, a committee who looks, and taste the different kind of ham, provides their quality, and promotes the original Hungarian , good quality hams. :) 
There will be market, concerts, salsa and Hungarian folk dance show, and an operetta. 
Website: here (Hungarian)

This weekend we can still enjoy the 4th National Fine Dining Week. In Budapest and in other villages, in more than 100 restaurants. We can have 3 courses meals, for 3300 Ft n the best restaurants.
Website: here (English)

From 23 March, there is a Spring Market in Vörösmarty square (where the Christmas fair was hold, too) in Budapest. Today, there will be the opening program, with Hungarian folk dance show. 

From 26 March to 4 April, there will be an Egg Week in Mosonmagyaróvár
There will be special programs, arts and crafts with eggs. 
Website: here (HU)

From 30March to 1 April there is an Easter Celebration at Buda castle with lots of programs, and shows, concerts, and national traditions. 
Website: here

But there will be Easter festivals in Szoboszló, Hollókő, SiófokNyúl, Mezőkövesd, too. 
(click to read)

There will be Palinka Days, in Pécs (4-7 April) and in  Székesfehérvár (11-14 April) , in Gyula (19-21 April), and in Budapest (16 May)With lots of food, market, and with the 'eau de vie'.
Website: here and here

There will be a Ramson Festival in Orfű (13-14 April). With market, concerts, arts and crafts, and children programs. 
Website: here

You can find more programs here

Enjoy Spring-time. And if You ate enough, You can take a walk in the sunshine. :)  (If there will be any...) 

Xoxo: Hajni

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